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Elliptical Rider: 30 min, 354 cal, 2.46 miles
Stair Stepper: 10 min, 82 cal, 70 floors
Hamstring curls: #2 x 12 x 3

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“Fastest” yet

Distance: 2 miles  

 Time: 23:21 – Split: 11:40

Weather: 35, sunny, nice

Shoes: Asics Gel-1100

COSI loop

Didn’t want to run, but the schedule tells me to…ran the 1st mile very well…walked some the second mile.

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3 miler

Distance: 3 miles

Time: 35:35 – Split: 11:57

1 mile – run
1/4 mile – walk (fast pace)
1/4 mile – run (bridge)
1/4 mile – walk (fast pace)
1/4 mile – run (bridge)
1/4 mile – walk (fast pace)
1/4 mile – run (bridge)
1/4 mile – walk (fast pace)
1/4 mile – run (bridge)

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First Group Run – Not!

The first group run was suppose to be today, but luck will have it I got stuck in the ER with a 6 year old who was suffering from an ear infection in the late pm, so…to make a long story short: I did not go on the group run, but ran in Baltimore instead later on in the day.

 Distance: 2 miles

Time: 24:37 – Split: 12:18

 Comments: Fairly flat terrain

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Signed up!

So….it’s done…the money has crossed via wires and the name has been added. It is offical…I am signed up with Premier Races to train for a 1/2 marathon.

For those that don’t know: I trained with them back in ’05 and ran the Columbus Classic 1/2 marathon in 2 hours and 28 min. What an accomplishment and it is time to train for that feeling of success again!

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Hills x 2

Distance: 2 miles

 Time: 27:07 – Split: 13:33 

Weather: 50 degrees, sunny, windy

Did the hills two times.

Not bad. Right shin hurts a bit.

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