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10.04 miles ~ 2:01:53 (12:08)

Went out the door about 8:20am…had a pretty good run…walked at 5 miles to take a drink and then around mile 8 to get the iPod out of the back of my shirt, because it was messing up (guess they don’t like to get wet lol)

It was a bit drizzly outside, but by the time I got home it had stopped.

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Made it to the gym to lift some weights, concentrated on upper body only.

Chest, triceps, biceps, back, and sides. Good workout overall.

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This is what it is all about

The Peguin Medal

Oh I can’t wait till I have that little baby in my hand and hang it with my other one!

The countdown has started (for me)….16 days and counting…

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3.27 miles ~ 35:06 (10:45)

Not too shappy considering today is my off day lol…I just went out there, had Michael Jackson in my ear and ran. I did get side stiches, but was able (somehow) to manage the pain and walked, briefly only once.

The weather was nice, mid 50’s sunny, with wind. Nice!

That is my fastes pace yet…once, a long time ago I used to be able to run 9:30 min miles…maybe, just maybe I’ll get there again!

Ran into my boss while out running, he is a runner too (in his late 50’s).

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5 miles ~ Eliptical Rider

Did the eliptical rider for 5 miles in about 45 min after work. Had class during lunch, so I had to work out late. My legs where tired so I didn’t want to go pound the pavement & they forecasted rain.

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3 miles ~ 34:37

Weather was a bit hot for me 75 degrees, but it’s something I’ll have to gradually get used to! Didn’t have my Garmin, but did have my stop watch, so I ran the “COSI Circles” to make sure I covered the distance.

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~ 4.75 in 56ish min

My Garmin didn’t kick in right away & running a lap around the court house kicked it back by .25 miles, soooo I don’t know exactly how far I ran, but rather just how long.

64 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze…I was hot, and my face was a bit red (for an hour or so) after I got back. Side pains kicked in about a mile into it…they got bearable after about 2  – 3 miles.

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