8 ~ 1hr 41m – Long Run

19 Mar

Ran 8 miles on Saturday. The weather was cold, it was snowing a little bit when I left the house, but the run overall wasn’t bad. I was able to run it all the way and the sun was coming out (even though it was still cold) by the time I got back. The whole trek took me 1 hour and 41 min (that’s a 12:37 min mile – SLOW).

But I read in one of my books where a lady stated “I am running faster than the people on the sidelines”…that would be excatly what I am doing! 🙂

Later on in the evning my legs where pretty sore, but they were not as bad as I thought they would be on Sunday. Sore, but I was able to move without much discomfort. 🙂

3 miles today!

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