Full Marathon Training Research

21 Mar

So, with it being a rest day today and my sister in-law mentioning that the 1/2 is just a starting block to the full marathon I thought I’d spend some time researching the full.

According to the training program that I am in and using their schedule for a beginning runner I should start my full marathon training on May 12 with 2 miles. That would be a 23 week training program starting off real slow, establishing a base foundation and then increasing the miles up to 22 miles 3 weeks before the actual race. The Columbus Marathon is October 21st, 2007.

The most milage during the week would be 8 miles (constituting my current long run!), but with breaking it into 2 running sessions per day (one at work and one at home/YMCA later in the day) I think it is do able. My only worries is the heat. If I can’t handle the heat than I’ll be dropping my training down to the 1/2 part of the Columbus marathon and start training for the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati the first week of May in 2008.

Later on I might post the training schedule for the full marathon.

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