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5 mile race

Ran it in 57:34 (11:31 min/mile). Overall a good run…weather was warm, but drizzling at times…no water stops, was a bit put off by that. AND we ran the majority of the race on busy roads. Other than that is was good.

Brenda ‘reeled’ me in the last mile…that helped my time a lot.

I was not as sore as I thought I would be. I ran in my Gray Asics and my feet got sore. 😦

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4.07 ~ 46:14 Best run in months!

The day started off with an ear ache and total feeling of yuckiness, but shortly before lunch it started getting better.

The run, which was 4 miles (4.07) today, lasted 46 minutes and 14 seconds. That is a split time of 11:21, the best in months! I checked my Garmin and went all the way back to December, nothing comes close to it.

It was windy outside, but the temperature was around 60 degrees and overcast. After about 2 miles I noticed rain clouds in the distance. 1/2 mile later it started raining. It wasn’t sprinkling, but rather hard, big raindrops started pouring down. To be honest, I enjoyed it, because once you are wet you can’t get any wetter (and it cooled me off)! lol My biggest worry was that my contacts might come out, but my sun glasses (which I wear come rain or shine) helped with keeping some of the water out of my eyes.

Afterwards I did some stretching of the muscles in the gym. So, overall it was a very positive run. Tomorrow is a rest day and then 5 mile race! 🙂

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Full Marathon Training Research

So, with it being a rest day today and my sister in-law mentioning that the 1/2 is just a starting block to the full marathon I thought I’d spend some time researching the full.

According to the training program that I am in and using their schedule for a beginning runner I should start my full marathon training on May 12 with 2 miles. That would be a 23 week training program starting off real slow, establishing a base foundation and then increasing the miles up to 22 miles 3 weeks before the actual race. The Columbus Marathon is October 21st, 2007.

The most milage during the week would be 8 miles (constituting my current long run!), but with breaking it into 2 running sessions per day (one at work and one at home/YMCA later in the day) I think it is do able. My only worries is the heat. If I can’t handle the heat than I’ll be dropping my training down to the 1/2 part of the Columbus marathon and start training for the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati the first week of May in 2008.

Later on I might post the training schedule for the full marathon.

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4.19 ~ 50:12 – 4 and a stich

Ran 4.19 miles today at lunch time in 50:12. The weather was nice, sunny, and in the low 40’s (I think). My side stich started around mile 2 and stayed with me on and off for the remainder of the run.  I can still feel it hurting when I laugh or move too quick.

Might make it to the YMCA tonight to get in the last mile that I need to run.

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No watch, no GPS, no clue!

I did not have my regular watch, nor my Garmin GPS watch, so I have no clue how far I ran and how long it took me.  I’d say I ran about 40 min and covered approx 3.5 miles. I didn’t run a normal route I just zig-zagged through downtown Columbus instead.

It was cold out 39 degrees – no sun 😦 – and it started to rain just as I entered the home stretch. Got pretty lucky there. It was drizzling, but started coming down much harder shortly before I got done.

I had some sidepains…I tried running through them, but after about mile 2.5 I needed to walk for a while (being 2 or 3 min) and got it back under control.

5 miles tomorrow! *sigh*

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8 ~ 1hr 41m – Long Run

Ran 8 miles on Saturday. The weather was cold, it was snowing a little bit when I left the house, but the run overall wasn’t bad. I was able to run it all the way and the sun was coming out (even though it was still cold) by the time I got back. The whole trek took me 1 hour and 41 min (that’s a 12:37 min mile – SLOW).

But I read in one of my books where a lady stated “I am running faster than the people on the sidelines”…that would be excatly what I am doing! 🙂

Later on in the evning my legs where pretty sore, but they were not as bad as I thought they would be on Sunday. Sore, but I was able to move without much discomfort. 🙂

3 miles today!

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Rest Day

Today is a rest day. I am not really sore, so I kinda feel bad.

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