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3 miles ~ 36:00

Didn’t feel very strong, was only gonna run 2, but talked myself into 3…silly…walking was required…my Garmin wasn’t acturate due to the buildings 😦

Weather: Partyly sunny, windy, low 60’s

Shoes: Pearl Izumi

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3 miles ~ 33:22

At work, 70, sunny, windy…felt very good and strong, listen to music instead of a book. Ran to Goodale Park and back. Left foot hurt after I started walking at mile 3, but it didn’t last long. No running tomorrow. I am gonna miss it!

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2 miles @ work (11:30)

Approx 22 1/2 min…nice weather! Wanted to run 3, but after two the middle toe on my left foot hurt everytime I struck the ground, so I walked back. I was able to run a little bit without pain, that was after walking for about 5 min.

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1/2 Marathon Pics

The pictures are finally in at

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2 miles @ work

No Garmin, no time, but according to my iPod I ran about 20 min, and going by previous distances covered I ran about 2 miles, not bad not bad.

My side hurt just a little bit, but with breathing tecniques it seemed to stay under control. My right foot hurt again, the middle toe (the actual bone) hurt. Usually that pain doesn’t come on till about mile 5. 😦

The weather was beautiful, sunny a litte wind.

I tried streching my IT band afterwards, but the streches shown in the magazines/books don’t seem to work for me!

I don’t think I’ll be running over the weekend unless I get an urge.

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Eliptical Rider ~ 4 miles

40 min, approx 487 calories and over 4 miles on the eliptical rider. The Peal Izumi felt a little tight, but that could be because of way you have to move on the machine.

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New shoes…

I went to Front Runner in Columbus to get a new pair of shoes. My old ones are very worn and way past the ‘throw away date’. I knew they would be examining my feet, well the way I walk and stand, etc., so I put my running socks on and sandals. I also brought my old pair with me, so he could look at the wear pattern on the bottom to make sure I am getting the right shoe (stability vs motion control or cushioning). I have a normal ‘pronation’ (meaning my foot strikes and leaves the ground the way it is suppose to), which means I am looking for a stability shoe. My previous pair was an Asics Gel-1100 and it has worked well for me, so he brought out the Asics Gel-1120. Different color, but fit like a glove. He also brought out the Pearl Izumi synchoSPACE, now there is a fancy looking shoe. All I saw was purple when looking down at it,  but the sides are silver, and it fit really well and felt sooo light. So, I decided, being that I like the way the Asics look/feel and the Pearl Izumi feel I bought both.

Oh, it’s the little things in life, I know *chuckle*

Pearl Izumi—>5130_7761.jpg b000klfap401-a1hhnk9o9khpaw_sclzzzzzzz_v45337796_ss400_.jpg<—Asics

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