The last few days

10 Apr

Let’s see…

 April 5th: I can’t remember if I ran…there is nothing on my Garmin. I know I lifed weights in the evening, so I have to assume I ran during lunch time

April 7th: Was suppose to be my longest run yet. I go out, feeling ok, but starting with side stiches after 1/2 mile, then one mile into the run it starts sleeting and visibility was almost 0. So I hung in there another 1/2 mile and turned around. I only ran 3.2 that day.

April 9th: 4.01 miles in 51:02. I was not pushing it, was suppose to only run 3, but felt the need to add an extra mile. It was cold out, but at least it didn’t sleet! 🙂

April 10th: 3.37 miles (I think it was closer to only 3.17, messed up due to buildings) in 37:49. Got side stiches after about a mile, but they didn’t get too strong. Overall not a bad run

The 1/2 is this Saturday (9am starting time) and mentally I am soooo ready. I just hope that my body is ready as well! 🙂

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