New shoes…

19 Apr

I went to Front Runner in Columbus to get a new pair of shoes. My old ones are very worn and way past the ‘throw away date’. I knew they would be examining my feet, well the way I walk and stand, etc., so I put my running socks on and sandals. I also brought my old pair with me, so he could look at the wear pattern on the bottom to make sure I am getting the right shoe (stability vs motion control or cushioning). I have a normal ‘pronation’ (meaning my foot strikes and leaves the ground the way it is suppose to), which means I am looking for a stability shoe. My previous pair was an Asics Gel-1100 and it has worked well for me, so he brought out the Asics Gel-1120. Different color, but fit like a glove. He also brought out the Pearl Izumi synchoSPACE, now there is a fancy looking shoe. All I saw was purple when looking down at it,  but the sides are silver, and it fit really well and felt sooo light. So, I decided, being that I like the way the Asics look/feel and the Pearl Izumi feel I bought both.

Oh, it’s the little things in life, I know *chuckle*

Pearl Izumi—>5130_7761.jpg b000klfap401-a1hhnk9o9khpaw_sclzzzzzzz_v45337796_ss400_.jpg<—Asics

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