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Eliptical Rider ~ 4.18 miles

Time: 4:00pm

Workout: Elliptical rider

Duration: 40 min

Miles: 4.18

Calories: 487

Shoes: Pearl Izumi (bad choice for the elliptical rider – I should know that by now!)

Comments: Got it done…woot!

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4 miles @ home (12:16)

Time: 8:00 pm

Weather: 70’s, hot

Clothes: Knee tights, t-shirt

Shoes: Izumi Pearl

Distance: 4 miles

Time: 48:59

Split: 12:16

Course: over 256 and back

Comments: Same side pains as in yesterday’s run (between mile 1 and 2). Tried to run through them, but it is nearly impossible. Walking does help. Trying to change my breathing a bit to see if that helps, but couldn’t tell. I brought some (1) vanilla GU to start getting used to it. Wasn’t bad, tasted almost like butterscotch and it didn’t seem to upset my stomach. 🙂 I also brought my ‘fuel belt’ on the run.

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3 miles @work (12:06)

Time: 10:20 am

Weather: 70’s, sunny, hot

Clothes: Knee tights, technical t-shirt

Shoes: Izumi Pearl

Distance: 3 miles

Time: 36:17

Split: 12:06

Course: to and under I-670 & back

Comments: Serious side pains after 1.25 miles. Was not able to get rid of the pain for over .5 miles. Ran the last 1.25 without pain. Not sure what happened there.

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4 miles at home :( (12:30)

Time: 8:30 am

Weather: 70’s, sunny, hot

Clothes: Knee tights, technical t-shirt

Shoes: Izumi Pearl

Distance: 3.01 miles

Time: 50 min (Garmin froze prior to run 😦 )

Split: 12:30 (approx)

Course: to 256 and back

Comments: Not a bad run, just hot (humid) and no water, rather stupid of me.

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3 miles @ Silver Lake, MI (11:43)


Time: 6:00 am <—- I must be nuts!

Weather: low 60’s, nice

Clothes: Knee tights, technical t-shirt

Shoes: Izumi Pearl

Distance: 3.01 miles

Time: 35:17 min

Split: 11:43

Course: Down to and along Silver Lake

Comments: I was so ready to go that I actually left my iPod in the hotel. lol Kinda glad that I did, because listening to the birds, the wind blowing through the trees and the splashing of water was a nice change. The first .5 where downhill, after that pretty much flat. Ran 1.5 then turned around and walked .1, then back to running….after about another 1/2 mile my stomach was telling me I had to go to the bathroom (I guess last night’s Mexican food did not agree with me). 😦 So I walked until the urge somewhat subsided, and was able to run the last 1/2 mile (uphill).

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On Vacation

Didn’t go running today, we didn’t crawl out of bed until 10:30am and headed towards the dunes instead. Going back at it tomorrow!!! I saw someone jogging by and I felt guilty for just a minute. lol I do plan on getting a few miles in tomorrow.


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On Vacation

Leaving for a 5 day trip to Michigan to go quadding with the hubby at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. It’ll be interesting trying to find a good route to do my training runs. 🙂 But then I am thinking that quadding for 4 hours + each day should be a good substitute for running!

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