3 miles @ home (11:29)

19 May

Time: 9:00 am

Weather: low 50’s, sunny, nice

Clothes: Knee tights, technical t-shirt

Shoes: Izumi Pearl

Distance:  3.09 miles

Time:  35:30 min

Split: 11:30

Course: Past Swine Farm and back

Comments: Long run, ran all the way, no walking breaks. Going up a very steep hill and James Brown’s “I feel good” song comes on the radio! Good stuff!!! 🙂 Good run overall…some right side pains, but manageable.

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One response to “3 miles @ home (11:29)

  1. crankygirl

    May 19, 2007 at 10:02 pm

    I love those serendipitous songs on the radio. Sounds like a good day.

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