H2O anyone?

07 Jun

Teri , her running coatch and I are in competition…not your ordinary competition, and it’s not really a competition, but we are trying to drink 100 oz of water per day.

 Her coach does that on a daily basis, so the ‘competition’ is just between Teri and I, and we are just trying to live up to his example (almost impossible). I haven’t been doing too good over the last few days, but today I have taken in already *doing some math here* 89.8 oz of water and it’s only lunch time.

I feel like a really big water jug right now! lol

Edit: It is now 3pm and I am up to 126 oz! I am switching to Gatorade and munched on some pretzels, after all I don’t want to drown myself. It was not as hard as I thought to get past 100. The daily recommended dose is 3 qt. (96 oz). I wonder if I can log the trips to the bathroom as milage on my daily log! 😉

Edit  – edit: Total amount of water consumed ended up being 179 ounces. After the pm rush hour run I ended up drinking the 1 liter bottle that I had slated for the next day! At home I ended up slurping down another 16.9 oz. (My Diet Pepsi feels neglected!)

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