3 @ work (11:14) & 2 miles eliptical

12 Jun

Time: 9:30 am

Weather: 70’s, hot

Clothes: Adidas shorts, Adidas technical shirt, Fuel belt

Shoes: Izumi Pearl

Distance: 3 miles  & 2.25 eliptical

Time: 33:51  & 20 min

Split: 11:16

Course: Scioto River Trail & past Cosi

Comments: Was suppose to run 5 miles! Mentally a very crappy run. I had side pains (I think I went at it too fast), but got them under control. Time wise not a bad run, but at mile three it hit me that I can’t do this today, even though I had my fuel belt and GU. Mentally I was just not with it. So I headed back to work and got on the eliptical rider for 2 miles (2.25 miles ~ 20 min ~ 256 cal).

It’s about 2 hours later and my legs are very sore. Might have to skip the 3 tomorrow and give my body a rest. 😦 Maybe I’ll do some upper body weight lifting instead.

I consider this a crappy run in order to appreciate runs like yesterday! 🙂

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