Road ID

27 Jun

If you are a runner, cycler, sports fanatic, or just think that you might get hit by a bus and no one will know who you are, you should get one:

A Road ID!

I have been sporting the wrist band for a good few years now, but finally got the one for the shoe. This way I can attach it and never have to worry about forgetting it or getting a tan line!

Attach and go! You don’t even know it’s there!

I ordered a shoe ID for myself after I found out that my boss didn’t have any kind of identification on him when he runs. When I ordered his (his b-day is coming up) I ordered one for myself *snicker*. The wrist ID is going on the “Wall of Fame”.

The boss had a friend who was running, had a heart attack, and passed on. According to him it took the police 2 days to locate his family, who had been looking for him. The road ID would have sped up the process.

(I have my blood type and alergies listed on the band.) I know thought that having the RoadID might not save my life, but it won’t leave my loved ones in the dark should something happen.

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