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14 Jul

I happen to be a fan of John Bingham’s writing (as a speaker I found him a little disappointing when he gave our running group a pep talk before the Columbus ½ marathon. It seemed more like a sales pitch than anything else, but oh well) whether it is his monthly column in the Runner’s World Magazine or one of his three books, which I just received his third book in the mail.


With his latest book “Running for Mortals” I also ordered Nancy Clark’s “Food Guide for Marathoners” (Guess what, John Bingham wrote the Foreword!). The reason I ordered Nancy Clark’s book is to help me figure out exactly what type of food I should be concentrating on while training for the marathon.


I also have her book “Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook”. Even though that book is very informative, with my short attention span, it was a little overwhelming. I did get some good information out of it; however it just wasn’t specific enough for me.


So now I am trying to follow her suggestions almost to the ‘T’ in her new book, because if I don’t do otherwise I’ll just end up falling off the wagon and buy/consume my favorite snack/meal/anti-depressant pills M&M’s!


Once I have that book all ear marked I’ll be diving into John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield’s new book!

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