Long term goals

02 Aug

I thought it is time to sit down and write out my long term goals in regards to running:

My long term goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon during my 40th year on earth and run it in my 41st year (2011) 45th year (2015). (Edited: 7/17/09)

There I said it and even wrote it down on ‘paper’! I think it is do-able…My current running pace is around a 12 min mile. In order to qualify for Boston I’d have to run a 8:45 min/mile (3 hours 50 minutes). Back in ’05 I was running at a 9:15 min mile pace, but then just got plain lazy and lost the drive. I enjoyed my last 1/2 marathon and think I can really improve on my stamina and speed with the right amount of training and if I drop those last ‘few’ pounds of extra weight.

And…if I can’t get my speed down to that I will have lost nothing and gained a whole lot. It is a win win goal.


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2 responses to “Long term goals

  1. Non-Runner Nancy

    August 2, 2007 at 11:00 am

    You will get there!! If you have run 9:15’s, I have no doubt you can get back. I wish I had that to look forward to. Right now I have no idea what I might be capable of and what is a realistic goal. I guess that can be okay too, if I try not to limit myself. Heck, maybe cavewomen ran 7 minute miles!!?? (not sure what the 39 year old cavewomen ran but I’m gonna go with it anyway!)

  2. Tom

    August 2, 2007 at 10:03 pm


    Thanks for stopping by our blog. I really admire your goal of Boston. You’re giving yourself ample time and I’m sure you’ll find the right training. You’re getting better every day and those 12’s will drop. I’ve run Boston and it was a thrill of a lifetime. Keep up the great fitness and posting!

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