5k Race with the kids

12 Aug

The ‘race’ yesterday was fun. Micha (10) and I finished in 37 minutes. We did a lot of run/walking. She would tell me when she needed to walk and I’d pick out an object further down the road asking her if we could start running again once we got to that. So we did that the whole race.

Along the way one of the volunteers yelled at Micha “Oh how great it is to run with your mom!” I thought “Oh how great it is to run with your daughter!”

Just before turning the corner that would bring us down to the home stretch I told her “Once we see the finish line I want you to give it all you got.” So we turned the corner and the finish line was visible about 300 yards away. I said “Micha, kick it in” and she did. I ran hard next to her. Coming closer to the finish line I could hear my sister in law (who is a much faster runner than I am) with other running buddies cheering Micha on to run harder. It was great! Micha had a great time!

Once we got our water bottle we headed back out to bring Brandon (15) in. As I mentioned he is not a runner or a sports person at all, so having him out there doing this with us was great. We met up with him about 1/2 mile from the finish line, so we all walked in together. He finished just under 50 minutes. It was so nice to have them out there. 🙂

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