Elliptical Rider ~ 6.15 miles

28 Aug

elliptical-rider1.jpgComments: My legs, specially my quads are still sore from Sunday. Going down the stairs is still a struggle much to the amusement of my husband! I no longer groan out loud though when I get up out of my chair and take the first few steps after sitting for a while.

The workout itself was good. I was listening to a book on tape (Judge & Jury – James Patterson) instead of music. That enabled me to concentrate on my breathing instead of matching the rhythm of any particular song.

6 miles tomorrow will show what state my legs are really in. I am going to run in the evening at home.

Time: 9:30am

Workout: Elliptical Rider

Duration: 50 min

Miles: 6.15 (PR)

Calories: 711

Shoes: Asics Gel-1120

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