3 @ work (10:57) & 3 miles elliptical

20 Sep

Comments: The 10am, 3 mile run was not pleasant. The knee was ok, but the piriformis muscle made a starteling, painful comeback! In order to compansate the new ache I changed my gait and in turn got shin splint pains in my right leg. The pain was not too bad over all though (or maybe my pain tresh hold is going up) and I was able to finish the run in a very decent time.

I did not want to irritate the leg further so I did 3 miles on the elliptical rider before class in the PM.

Thoughts of changing over to the 1/2 marathon have entered my mind.

I am making tomorrow a rest day.

Time: 10am/4pm

Weather: 80/indoor

Clothes: Adidas Technical Shirt, Adidas Shorts/ Peguin Shirt, Izumi Shorts


Distance: 3/3

Time: 32:53/30:00

Split: 10:57/N/A

Course: To 670 underpass and back.

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