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Dr. visit

The doctor is not sure why I am still hurting…he wants to give my body time to heal and re-evaluate me in 4 weeks.

I am better than I was 4 weeks ago, so perhaps it’s just taking time to heal. 🙂 I am looking forward to running tomorrow…gonna see if I can handle the cold weather and run 2 miles.

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1 mile @ work (11:09)

Comments: Well…my “innerts” didn’t fall out and I didn’t flop on the floor with major camps…so I guess all is well. 🙂 However…I still have the same pains as I did before. Not nearly as strong, but I still have them. 😦 Hopefully I’ll get some insight on it tomorrow.

The run in itself was good. It was great to be back out there, circling the “oh so familiar” COSI building! 🙂 I don’t have time to run tomorrow, but I would like to run 1 to 2 miles on Saturday…I need to get back into the routine, the 1/2 marathon, after all, is in less then 3 months (if my math is right)!

Weather:  32

Clothes: Long sleeve shirt, Pants, Hat, Gloves

Shoes: Saucony

Distance: 1

Time: 11:09

Split: 11:09

Course: Cosi x 1

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Bike @ work 21 min

Rode the stationary bike at work for 21 min, covering 7.5 miles.  My body is not ready to run yet. The incision at my navel is still sore (but healing just fine).  Overall I feel much better, the pains I had before the procedure are minimal. Follow up with the doctor is the end of this week.


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That’s what the doctor called me, a puzzle, because ever afterwards he still does not know what’s wrong and what caused the pain on my right side. He removed the fluid/cyst on the right side and performed a D&C. I was pretty miserable yesterday.

It might sound funny, but I rather deal with the pain then with the nauseousness brought on by the medication. So I am taking Tylenol only today. I am shuffling a long like an 80 year old lady, but I don’t feel like throwing up, that’s a plus in my book! lol

My first question before and after the surgery of course was “when can I run again”. He said I have to see how I feel, but the earliest I can head out would be Tuesday.

Thank you for all the well wishes, they are greatly appreciated and warmed my heart.


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Under the knife

Well, the heading sure sounds more dramatic then it really is, or rather will be. The ultrasound did not deliver the longed for results so tomorrow hopefully he’ll find out what’s wrong and we’ll go from there.


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Hurry up and wait

Went to the doctor: after the examination (diagnosis: cyst) he scheduled me for an ultra-sound to be done Thursday because it’s all too tender on the left side for him to do his ‘touchy feely thing’ and he can’t tell exactly what’s going on. So, if I am still with cyst and in pain on Thursday, he’ll schedule me for a laparoscopy on Friday; out patient surgery.

However, after going through all the scheduling and such, he got the results of the CAT scan (which I had done elsewhere last week), which read that I had a fluid like, 3 mm big buildup on my RIGHT side. Hmmm, it’s my LEFT side that is in pain. Apparently it made perfect sense to him and in turn seemed less concerned. He is under the impression that my pains will go away in the next two days. Gosh I hope he’s right!

That’s it…end of report! To be continued Thursday afternoon. I am relieved that it is nothing urgent, but on the other hand I wish it was so I can do something about it, because I am in pain. Once again I have to sit and wait!

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2008 – It can only get better

The reason for such a long break in posting is because I have been dwelling in my own misery for the last two weeks:

I am dealing with some ‘female issues’ after a CAT scan found something in my pelvis area. Initially the (urgent care) doctor thought I was passing a kidney stone, but going by the scan that doesn’t appear to be the case.

I never would thought I’d say that I am looking forward to an OB/GYN appointment, but let me tell you, I am now! The pain in my lower abdomen comes and goes and when it hits it is not pleasant. I am ready to tackle what ever it might be and move forward. The doctor’s appointment is tomorrow. woot!

So, needless to say I have not run since it started. Of course I had to get this during the holidays; businesses are closed, results are processed slower, and my OB takes a week off. *sigh* AND, to add to my misery I got a nice head cold going on right now.

Here is to hoping that 2008 only gets better and that my aches are only a minor thing! 🙂


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