2 miles @ work treadmill – Weightlifting

12 Mar

Comments: All is good! I think I might have licked the stomach issue. I decided to take some Zantac 75 to see if that would help with my stomach pains. It seems to really have done the trick! I have occasional pains, but NOTHING like I had before. So I am thinking the obgyn issue let me to worry and inflamed my stomach lining. (I have had that before, but nothing close to that painful!) I will continue to montior and the Dr. appointment is still a go.

205 Garmin @

I ordered the new(er) 205 Garmin yesterday. I received a small bonus at work and had a $25 gift certificate to Amazon, so I decided to treat myself! 🙂 The package is to be delievered today! I am very excited about it. The old 205 will go into the gym locker as a backup.

31 Days to go until the 1/2 marathon!

Time: 10 am

Workout: Treadmill

Duration: ?

Miles: 2

Calories: 200

Shoes: Saucony


Chest Press: #3 x 20, #3 x 20

Shoulder Press: #2 x 20, #2 x 20

Pull Downs: #4 x 20, #4 x 20

Tricep Pull Downs: #4x 20, #4 x 10 

Bicep curls: 10lbs x 20, 10lbs 20

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One response to “2 miles @ work treadmill – Weightlifting

  1. crankygirl

    March 12, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    Glad that you’re feeling better. I have 25 days until my half…GO, US!!

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