4 miles @ work (11:20)

13 Mar

Comments: With the new Garmin in hand I went out. I set it to beep at me every 5 and then 1 minute. Run 5, walk 1. I am pretty sure I can do that with my old Garmin too, but never tried it. Other than it had problems picking up a signal (downtown), like the old one, it worked really well and doesn’t feel as bulky as the other one did. Regular wrist strap or velco strap, I am not sure which one I like better yet. The old Garmin had the velco strap and I miss it. Perhaps that’s only because I am so used to it.

The run overall went well…I only had minor issues with snow, the sun was out, I was listening to a new book (on tape), and I think the new Garmin made me push myself a little bit. I am looking forward to my long run on Saturday/Sunday (not sure which day I’ll do it yet). I’ll try to get some weightlifting in tomorrow, but I have to run to the PO at lunch, so we’ll see.

Time: 10 am

Weather: 44, sunny, nice

ClothesT-shirt, Pants, Gloves, BB Hat

Shoes: Saucony

Distance: 4

Time: 45:20

Split: 11:20

Course: Goodale Park, x2 and back

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