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Elliptical rider 2.74

Comments: On the older machine, on which I just can’t seem to go as far as on the new machine!

Yeah pedometers! The bosses’ bosses’ boss bought everyone under his domain (full time employees) a Pedometer, after the company initiated a walking program. We received ours yesterday after lunch. Very cool! I managed 5,672 steps that day. I’d like to get to 10,000 steps a day, but with such a seditary job it’ll be hard to do (not counting workouts).  It’ll help that one of my coworkers and I have a little competition going. I have to keep reminding him though that shaking the pedometer is not considered walking! 😉

I saw another co-worker from a differnt section of the company with a really cool pedometer. Then I had pedometer envy for a minute, but it passed quickly!

2 more days until Indy!

Time: 10 am

Workout: Elliptical Rider

Duration: 30 min

Miles: 2.74

Calories: 403

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid

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3 @ work

Comments: So…what’s up with that: SNOW? This morning as I am letting the dog out to go sniff the yard I am greeted by snow flakes! Time to check the calendar…yep it IS almost May..WTH!

So, instead of running outside I plan on running inside, but then somehow decide to pack my running jacket and gloves, but forget my out running pants, which I don’t realize until I am in the gym. *sigh*

At lunch time the snow had cleared and the sun was peaking out, so instead of attacking the treadmill I do decide to go run outside after checking the weather…41 degrees. The gym bag reveals the lack of outside running pants! I want to go outside, the long pants (yet very thin) have to do. I opt to run glove-less.

Oh, and I forgot to bring my Garmin. *sigh* But it was a good run none the less. 🙂

I checked the Indianapolis 500 mini marathon route. We do one lap inside the Indianapolis Speedway…I can’t wait! We are staying at the Westin, which is located 8 feet from the starting corral!

3 days to go

Time: 10:00am

Weather: 41

Clothes: Mit Shirt, Long Starter pants, jacket, and BB Hat

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (28.2)

Distance: 3

Time: No Garmin

Split: No Garmin

Course: Under 33 and back


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6 @ home (11:50)

Comments: I knew my time would be slow before I headed out the door, but I was fine with that. I orignally planned on running 11, but only had one GU left. I figured I could run 8 instead, but then a time crunch on Sunday reduced that down to 6.

No dogs on that run…how nice is that!

Getting mentally ready for the Indianapolis 500 1/2 marathon, which is next Saturday. Making preparations with friends to get the car pooling and picking up, etc in place.  Fun, fun. 🙂

Time: 9:30am

Weather: 50’s

ClothesLong sleeve technical shirt, knee highs, BB Hat

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (22.2)

Distance: 6

Time: 1:10:56

Split: 11:50

Course: To New Salem and back

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3 miles @ work (10:45)

Comments: The song from Daniel Powter “Bad Day” fits today. But I was able to turn it around! I am feeling 100% better after my run, perhaps a bit tired, but I’ll take that.

I ran the first mile straight without stopping (10:10) and I haven’t done that since my training for the full marathon in October ’07. Then I walked a minute and then ran until I had mile 2 (10:57) under my belt. I did the same to get mile three done (11:08). I am hoping to be able to continue that trend.

My stomach still acts up several times a day, however it doesn’t give me trouble while running. After May 3rd (Indy 1/2 marathon) I’ll be going back to the gastologist requesting that he’ll do a colonoscopy. The pain however is nothing compared to what I had in the beginning of the year. None the less I think it’s come to a point where it is not getting any better.

Stopped at the Columbus Running Co last night. I bought a shirt and some “Yankz” shoe laces (Pink “For the Cure”). I still have $40 left of my gift certificate! My running shoes were at work and I wasn’t able to put the laces on last night. So first thing this morning I tried putting them on my shoes, it didn’t feel right. But I haven’t given up. The shoes are coming home tonight and I’ll be able to spend more time on getting the laces just right. 🙂

I also bought a running shirt, but didn’t try it on. The plan was to wear it today at lunch, but with me being so overweight my current build it doesn’t look very flattering. I am going to hold on to the shirt and my goal is to be able to wear it before the summer is over. It sucks being vein!

Fun facts: My previous shoes had 294 miles on it, bringing the cost to $0.31 per mile ran! Hmmm, it is cheaper to drive that distance in my car (for now at least).

Time: 10 am

Weather: 59, sunny

Clothes: MiT shirt, knee highs, BB Hat

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (22.3)

Distance: 3

Time: 32:15

Split: 10:45

Course: Under 33 and back

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Happy Administrative Day

During the times that I don’t play mom/housewife or “speed racer” on the sidewalk I work in a very large company, supporting a director and 5 of his ‘leads’ (plus their employees).

As some of you might have read, my boss broke his leg in a skiing accident over a month ago and is still at home. So every Wednesday he calls into the weekly meeting to keep up with what’s going on. Today one of his guys asked me to attend this meeting, which I have done in the past so it wasn’t anything surprising.

In the meeting they presented me with a very nice card and an $80 gift certificate to the Columbus Running Company for Administrative day. I was so excited I about gave them all a hug. Sure beats the Olive Garden gift certificates I have gotten in the past (yes even though it is my favorite chain restaurant).

A few months ago I had put a bug in one of the ‘leads” ears telling him that I’d rather have a certificate from the Columbus Running Co this year. Woot…and they listened. I am very lucky to work with co-workers that I like, that happen to like me, and appreciate what I do for them.

The certificate is valid for two years, which gives me ample time to browse their small store…I am excited!


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3.09 @ work

Comments: My Garming displayed it’s “Battery Low” sign shortly after I turned it on. I knew I had forgotten something! *Mental note: Charge the Garmin once in a while!* So, about 7 minutes into the run I was ‘on my own’.

The run itself was ok; both my calves hurt after about a 1/4 mile and then my right shin started to hurt again as it did Friday. After a mile I stopped and stretched, that seemed to help a bit. Yet whenever I walked my right leg felt like it had a club food attached, something was not working right. But, it didn’t hurt any longer though, so I continued.

Sitting here in front of my computer my legs feel tight…I need to remember to give them the ‘stick’ treatment tonight to work some of that tighness out.

Time: 10 am

Weather: 59

ClothesCotton T-shirt, knee highs, BB Hat

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (19.2)

Distance: 3

Time: ??

Split: ??

Course: To Goodale Park and back


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2 miles @ work (11:04)

Comments:I felt much better about myself today and went outside. I must add that yesterday I forgot my running hat, and when running at work I feel the need to wear it! 😉

Before heading to the gym my legs felt pretty stiff and I was worried that I might be going out too soon, but now I am glad I did. The muscles relaxed and it feels pretty good right now. I did have some shin-splint pains in my right leg, so after coming back in did some exercises to aid that muscle. This is something I should do every time after a run, but….*sigh*

A couple of weeks ago I purchase the Palm Pilot TX to help me keep up with my daily tasks. Over the last few evenings I have found myself browsing blogs that I haven’t visited in a while, such as Nancy’sBill’s, or Kate’s. Blogger’s website is blocked at work and by the time I get home I can’t seem to find the time to sit in front of the PC and browse the web. But, with the handy-dandy Palm TX and wireless Internet in the house I can browse my favorite blogs before I lay my head down to sleep. I am excited about that! 🙂

Good luck! to all the runner’s who are running races this weekend/Monday, but a special good luck go out to KSpin (Salt Lake City Utah Marathon) and Marathon Dude Bill (Boston Marathon). I hope the race turns out the way you would like!

Time: 10 am

Weather: 65ish

ClothesMiT shirt, knee highs, BB Hat

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (17.2)

Distance: 2

Time: 22:08

Split: 11:04

Course: Under 33 and back.

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