Columbus Distance Classic 1/2 Marathon (11:42)

12 Apr

Comments: I didn’t sleep well the night before…I blame my cat for meowing all night long and scratching on the door, and my daughter for getting up at 5am. How come she won’t get up this early during the week when I need her to? 😉 

I had decided to run in shorts instead of long pants like the years before. It was a cold day the long sleeve shirt was a good choice, at times I wish I had grabed the gloves.

The race promtly started at 9…over 3000 people, what a charged atmosphere! The race announcer asked people by show of hands if this was their first 1/2 marathon. There were a lot of hands in the air. I was excited for them! 5 years ago that was me! How time flies!

It was pretty much like I had envisioned. The first few miles I was a bit stiff and kept telling myself “just wait, you’ll warm up and get in the grove”. I did go faster than I had thought, and deep down I was hoping for a PR, but I knew that eventually I’d be l slowing down again.

Around mile 4 we circled the OSU “Horseshoe”… 1/3 done. Around mile 6 my left foot started to hurt, but I was anticipating it and was happy it hadn’t started earlier.

Between mile 7 and 8 I tried to relax my shoulders and think positive thoughts. “Over halfway done…only 5 miles to go…” I Gued at 8 and drank…Mile 9 and 10 didn’t entail any cobble stone, but we did go past an open Starbucks, which was just as painful…I am not a coffee person, but it was cold and smelled pretty good!

At mile 11 I started looking for the hubby and my friend. Uphill on High street was a bitch and that’s the first (out of two times) I took an unscheduled walk break. At mile 12 I Gued again, and thought about my boss, whishing him a speedy recovery, thinking about how last year he & his wife stood there cheering me on and me telling him I was taking Monday off because I am sore already. lol

Then just after the 12 mile mark I saw the hubby and my friend K. How great to see them! I had been telling him he didn’t have to come up, but he decided to work while I was running and then head over at the end. I didn’t realize how much I had looked forward to seeing them. Then I had only 1 mile to go.

Going up High street just before Nationwide was another hill and my second unscheduled walk break.  The rest was downhill and I was done! 2:33:04…12 mintues faster than last year! Not a PR but an improvement, giving me hope that I’ll get faster and break that PR this summer.

I grabbed my medal, a banana, and an apple and headed to find the hubby. I had some vision problems, like ripples in my vision, it was strange, which lasted for about 10 minutes and then was gone. I’ll have to figure out what cause that and try to prevent it.

Overall thoughts:

I was dissapointed that there were no bands or music on the course. I thought there were some last year.

Bikers should not be allowed on the course, unless they have the ‘medical’ shirt on. (No way to prevent it, I know) I saw one biker take out a runner, who was startled to see him and jumped, which landed him in the bikers path and then on the ground. The biker toppled too taking another biker out with him. They (bikers) have no business being there. At least not that one, he didn’t seem to be following anyone in particular. Crazy!

No blister issues! I did develop one on my right food, just below the big toe! What a strange spot, never had one there! I am hoping to retire my shoes now and break my new ones in before the next 1/2 in May. 

I got my necklace from my hubby! And unlike the actual medal I can wear it at work and not look like a little kid. lol

This year they had starting corrals, with times listed on them. Last year they didn’t and it caused some confusion. Good improvement!

My Garmin read 13.26 miles, giving me a 11:32 min mile. I need to learn not to weave so much…haha

It took me about a 1/2 day to warm back up after the race. I so wanted to take a hot, hot bath, but I know better than to do that. So a hot shower and a double layer of clothes had to do!

I am looking forward to May 3rd, which is not only my son’s 20 birthday, but also when I run the Indianapolis 500 1/2 marathon! It’s all good….

Time: 9 am

Weather: 40ish

ClothesMiT shirt, Adidas shorts, BB Hat

Shoes: Saucony Grid 5 Guide (281.4 miles)

Distance: 13.1

Time: 2:33:04

Split: 11:42

Course: Columbus Distance Classic (1/2 Marathon)


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5 responses to “Columbus Distance Classic 1/2 Marathon (11:42)

  1. crankygirl

    April 14, 2008 at 11:17 am

    That is crazy with the bikes–congrats on your time. I have another race in 19 days–hoping to come close to your time!

  2. Nancy

    April 15, 2008 at 5:44 pm

    VERY NICE. I’d love to have that time.

    but we did go past an open Starbucks, which was just as painful — great line!! 😀

  3. kspin

    April 15, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    Great job! I’m so glad that you were able to beat your last time! I bet you are relieved that you are done. Well, for now I guess. 🙂

    I don’t know if this post makes me more excited or nervous for my race! lol! I’m starting to feel like I could have trained harder. So, do you wish that you would’ve worn pants? My race is going to be about that cold. What do you think?

  4. theramblinghousewife

    April 16, 2008 at 2:30 pm

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Maybe if I hang out at the blogs of you “running people,” a little more, I’ll steal some inspiration! 🙂

  5. kate

    April 16, 2008 at 5:38 pm

    Awesome job! Way to knock off a huge chunk of time! I was bummed there wasn’t more music along the course too. Last year they even had the band by the ‘Shoe playing fight songs but I didn’t say ANYTHING but the CD101 bus along the course.

    That’s weird about your vision being wobbly at the end. Maybe (hopefully) it was just one of those weird things that happens. Both my hands got really swollen – so bad I couldn’t close them to make a fist. Not sure what that was all about….

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