Running Weekend: Part 1 “The Race – Indianapolis 500 1/2 Marathon”

05 May

We (A., B., K., T., and I) met Friday after work at K’s house and headed to Indianapolis. It took a lot longer to get out of Columbus than anticipated, but we managed to get to the Expo by 8:30pm and got our packages without a hitch. After a yummy dinner and getting things ready for the next day we headed to bed.


At 6am we could hear the music playing outside and a peek out the windows revealed that the starting corrals were already set up. (Thank you all you wonderful volunteers for getting up so early and setting it all up). We chowed down our breakfast and headed downstairs.


A and K were cheering; B, T and I were running. B & T are much faster than I am and headed to their corral. I headed towards mine. At 7:04 I figured I had plenty of time to stand in line for the bathrooms, but at 7:20ish we heard over the loudspeakers that they are closing the corrals in 2 min!!! I was 4th in my bathroom line, but decided not to take the change and headed with the rest of the stampede to our respective corrals.


The runners were informed via loudspeakers that we weren’t allowed to GU while running on the Indianapolis 500 speedway because of the metal in the packets (which can cause a tire blow out during the race). I GU every 4 miles and mile 8 was inside the speedway, so I decided to GU shortly after mile 5 (instead of mile 4) and then as soon as I got out of the speedway. To my disappointment I saw quite a few empty GU packets on the ground inside the speedway. 😦 


The gun went off at 7:30am. 26 minutes later our group crossed the starting line! I don’t remember much of the first hour, only that I forgot to take at least 4 walk breaks because I was so busy watching people, listening to music, and maneuvering around walkers (that seriously should have started behind us).


I do remember (around mile 6) people cheering saying “The Speedway is just around the corner!”. And they were right…there is was! I got a bit chocked up thinking “I have been waiting a year to do this and now it’s here!”…In we went. The experience is one of a lifetime, that’s for sure, but after about a mile or so I was like “I wonder where the exit is, I am ready to leave now” lol. That particular speedway was not as steep as I thought it would be, but then they had us run in the warm-up lane, which weaved in and out of the actual race course. After about 2.5 miles going in a circle (1 lap) we headed back out. (can’t wait to see the professional pictures they took. Hopefully one will turn out nice)


Around mile 10 I started to “die” and my neglect earlier to walk caught up with me big time! I used a lot of “ok, run to the next light (or whatever)” to make it through the next 3 miles. Sometime during that time I had a very serious conversation with myself in regards to wanting to train for a full marathon, but there I was not even fully prepared for a half! I finished in 2: 42:15, which is slower than my Columbus 1/2 from 3 weeks ago and the Indy course could not have been any flatter!


As previously agreed upon I met up with A., B., K., and T. at the family meeting area under letter C. (C for Crazy!) We walked back to our rooms chatting away like little chickens, checked out, and headed to Cincinnati to cheer on our friends that were running in the Flying Pig 1/2 and full marathon.


I enjoyed:


·         The organized way they had the corrals set up

·         All the bands along the course

·         People cheering us on

·         All the water stops

·         The by the 1/4 mile countdown 1 mile from the finish

·         The easiness to getting to the corral (of course we just had to fall out of the hotel room & we were there)

·         Running the Speedway race track

·         The medal: (the wheels spin)


I did not enjoy


·         Slower runners/walkers lining ahead of where they really should be

·         Only giving us a 2 minutes corral closing warning


I have more to share about the trip to Cinci, but that will come in a later post…


Me, B, and T


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3 responses to “Running Weekend: Part 1 “The Race – Indianapolis 500 1/2 Marathon”

  1. inthefastlane

    May 5, 2008 at 3:02 pm

    For, the most part…it sounds like a good trip. I ma not sure I would want to run that far around a Speedway, but pretty cool, nonetheless.

  2. kspin

    May 6, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    I would run it just for the cool medal! Love it! I can’t believe you had to dodge the walkers, that takes away precious time for sure. Overall it sounds like a lot of fun and you did great! I’m not sure if I am ready for another marathon anytime really soon, but who knows, if my friends all signed up for one I probably would too! I already miss the training part of it!

    It was fun to read about your weekend. Glad you shared this adventure! 🙂

  3. crankygirl

    May 6, 2008 at 2:44 pm

    I think that it’s very hard to run on a very flat terrian over a long period. It’s sounds like fun despite the GU and the walkers ahead of you.

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