Bike @ home 6 miles

07 May

Comments: I had nothing to do now that I gave up playing on the computer during the week*, and with a new book to listen to I headed downstairs to ride the stationary bike. My game plan was to ride it for an hour, but then thought better of it. I don’t want to wear out my legs completely.

*This is one of the results from the very serious conversation I had with myself during the 1/2 marathon. I have gotten more sleep and feel so much happier about things. (I still check up on my favorite blogs via my Palm Pilot though 😉 )


On Saturday I am looking forward to participating in the virtual 10k on the 10th race. Thanks Nancy for getting that going!

Time: 6:30 PM

Distance: 6 miles

Time: 1/2 hour

Course: Stationary Bike

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