3.09 @ work (10:04)

14 May

Comments: After yesterday’s blunder with the eating and working out late I am back on track today. The run was great! Faster than yesterday! I did bring my music with me and I actually think that the slower songs slowed me down! lol My Garmin didn’t kick in until .30 miles into the run.

Since I stopped running with my baseball hat I seem to have a straighter posture. I am also working on keeping my elbows closer to my side and try not to look like a “bird attempting to take off” (my husband’s words, not mine lol). Once I get the run straighter and looking less birdlike under control I want to work on my how hard my feet hit the ground when running. But I have many years yet to perfect all that.

Tomorrow is a rest day. I will be doing my long run on Friday after work. On Saturday we are heading north on vacation and I won’t have time to run that day. I am hoping that I’ll be able to get one or two runs in while we are there.

Kspin, I am still trying to think of what to do/make…maybe I’ll come across something while on vacation!

Time: 10:00am

Weather: 59, overcast, drizzle @ times, windy

Clothes: NewBalance shirt and shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (63.3 miles)

Distance: 3.09

Time: 31:04

Split: 10:04

Course: To Goodale Park and back.

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One response to “3.09 @ work (10:04)

  1. kspin

    May 14, 2008 at 6:41 pm

    Vacation? What is that? 😉 Have a great time and no worries! I haven’t even picked up my material yet!

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