Dash for Donations 1/2 Marathon (Course PR)

26 Jul

Comments: One of the things I forgot about this 1/2marathon was that we ran 2 loops of the course and one section of that loop is an out an back (and hilly). Yuck! Hopefully I will have forgotten that by next year!

The run overall was good. I tried starting out slow, but mile 3 I ran in 10:58, which is a bit fast, after that my miles where all around 11:30, except the last mile, that was a 12:18.

GUed every 4 miles, I will see if I can switch that to every 5 miles. That sweet stuff makes me wanna puke.

Lots of MiTers, that was very inspiring, and I guess the ‘out and back’ part of the loop was helpful, since we were able to cheer each other on twice.

Last year I died around mile 9 and I did a lot of walking. It wasn’t intentional walking, but rather the kind where you just find yourself walking without realizing it. This year was much better.

My post race recovery is much better as well. My body is not nearly as sore as it was last year, I am not lounging on the couch, instead I am doing mom/housewife stuff.

Course PR! Ran it 20 sec/mile faster than last year, over 7 minutes total (but it wasn’t as sunny this year)

Time: 7:20am

Weather: 70’s, Overcast

Clothes: MiT Shirt, NB shorts, Fuel Belt

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (225.1 miles)


Time: 2:31:35

Split: 11:35

Course: Dash for Donations


One response to “Dash for Donations 1/2 Marathon (Course PR)

  1. crankygirl

    July 28, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    Congratulations! That sounds like a very successful race!

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