10 @ home (11:50)

02 Aug

Comments:This was not a good run. I guess you have to have those to appreciate the good ones. I felt like I was running fast (effort wise) the first 3 miles. But the Garmin informed me that even though I felt like a Cheetah, I was only moving at a snails pace. Mile 4 is downhill and in turn I picked up the pace. GUed at mile 4 (being that I was only running 10 I wanted to make sure I GUed twice; mile 4 and 8)

At mile 3 though 6 my feel hurt. Both of them! It felt like I was running without shoes. Usually it’s just the left one, but not this time. Around mile 6 the pain started to go away (strange), and mile 7 and 8 were really good ones. I felt strong, no pain. I GUed at mile 8.

Shortly after GUing I got terrible side pains. I had some earlier in the run, but these caused me to walk. Very dissapointing. Around mile 9.5 they went away and I was able to run the last 1/2 mile without problems.

During my run I learned, from a nice orange road sign, that a 1 mile stretch (mile 6) of my loop is being closed for 7 weeks! Yikes. I’ll have to figure out where to run while they are working on it. I should use this as an incentive to run with the group on Saturdays.

Well, I am hoping that I have more luck with this Saturday’s 15 miler. I remember from last year, that that one kicked my butt!

Time: 6:00am

Weather: 70’s, overcast then sunny

Clothes: MiT Shirt, NB shorts, fuel belt

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (242.2 miles)

Distance: 10

Time: 1:58:23

Split: 11:50

Course: Loop at home

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