8 on the 8th, Olympic Style

08 Aug

In line with the Olympic spirit, and Non-Runner Nancy’s blog challenge “8 on the 8th” we are interviewing local runners to get a glimpse of their lives and their training. Our correspondent Nadine Vonderhaar is joined by one of those training non-hopefuls this evening….


I have my ticket, do you have yours?

I have my ticket, do you have yours?


Nadine Vonderhaar: We are live here this evening with non-Olympic hopeful, Penny Myers, also known to the blogging world as Runnin’ Ragged. Good evening Penny, how are you?


Penny Myers: I am fine thank you. A bit tired, but otherwise feeling strong.


Nadine: That is great. Now tell me Penny, you have been training pretty hard over the last few weeks. Would you mind going over your last few training runs with me. I am especially interested in the 8 on the 8th race. Tell us more about that.


Penny: Well, an online blogging friend, Nancy, hosts these virtual online races ever so often. And whenever I can I try to participate in them. This one would be 8 miles on the 8th. They make me work even harder and I believe make me a stronger runner. This race however can be broken down into two different runs, two different days, totaling 8 miles. So I did just that.


Nadine: Ah, I see. So when did you do your first leg and how did that run go for you?


Penny: My first run was on the 4th, totaling 4 miles. I had a pretty bad long run the Saturday before, so I wasn’t sure if my body was up to running strong on Monday. I turned on my iPod, grabbed my water bottle and headed out at lunch time. However, even though it was hot, and the 4 miles seemed more like 10, my body managed to run it in 42:58, which calculates into a 10:45 minute mile. Not bad for an old goat like me.


Nadine: That’s great. How do you keep yourself going during runs that feel like they are forever?


Penny: Sometimes I try to concentrate on my breathing, turn inward so to speak, on occasion I play the “just run to there” game, and sometimes I grid my teeth, cuss at the world and just keep going.


Nadine: Sounds like you have some serious determination there. Now can you tell us about your second run; that completed your 8 miler?


Penny: Sure Nadine. I did the second 4 miler on the 6th. At home; I left everything but my Garmin in the house. On purpose I might add. I have a 5k race coming up on the 9th and wanted to see what I can do and include that in my 4 miler. So, without iPod and water bottle I headed out. The sun was starting to set, and the clouds covered the sky like a blanket. I started off running the first mile in 10:02, even though I had an encounter with the neighbor’s dog. The second mile was a little tougher, there are a lot of hills to tackle, and that mile I ran in 10:28. Not bad. I was able to pick my pace back up at mile three, and finished the 3.1 in 31:29, which gives me a 10:10 min/mile. I had to walk a little bit after that and was able to finish the 4 miles in a total of 42:13.


Nadine: Wow, sounds like an excellent run for you. So, what are your numbers for the 8 on the 8th then?


Penny: Let’s see. I believe that’s 1 hour 25 min and 11 sec to run 8 miles, giving me an overall pace of 10:39.


Nadine: Are you happy with that?


Penny: Yes I am Nadine; very happy indeed!


Nadine: Thank you Penny for your time. We wish you the best in your upcoming training and hope you have a great 5k this weekend.


Penny: Thank you Nadine for your kind words and a special thank you goes out to people like Non-Runner Nancy, who make running a fun thing to do!


*Editors note: Unfortunately Penny pulled a calf muscle the following day on her 6 miler and she won’t be able to compete in the 5k race this weekend as she had planned.


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2 responses to “8 on the 8th, Olympic Style

  1. Nancy

    August 11, 2008 at 8:31 am

    HA HA HA – undoubtedly the most wordy I’ve ever seen you. Very cute interview. Dang, so sorry about the calf. I hope it heals up quick for you. Thanks so much for joining us. I’m thrilled to hear you say that these actually make you a better runner. I feel that way too.


  2. crankygirl

    August 11, 2008 at 1:00 pm

    Sorry about the calf. Loved the interview though!!

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