4.84 elliptical & strength training

12 Aug

Comment: The workout was almost a success. The calf ached a bit towards the end. I stretched it out afterwards, which was not painful. Tomorrow I’ll go on the elliptical rider again. I am hoping that come Thursday I’ll be able to go out for 3 miles or so.

Time: 10 am 

Workout: Elliptical Rider

Level: 3 – Random

Duration: 40:00 min

Miles: 4.84

Calories: 548

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid


Comments: I bought the Abs Diet for Women book a while back (I love the way the author writes). I used the exercises listed in the book as suggestion for today’s workout. I am still experimenting with some of the weights, as to how much I should use. But overall it worked well.


Date  Set Rep Description Weight Comments
8/12/2008 2 20 Pull Downs #5.5  
  2 20 Back Bends  
  2 20 Military Press 25 lbs Short bar
  1 20 Knee Raises (lower abs) On bench
  2 20 Tricep Pull Downs #5.5 Sore from ab crunch!
  2 20 Traditional Ab Crunch  
  2 20 Bicep Curls 25 lbs Short bar -add weight
  1 30 Bench Press 45 lbs Bar only
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