Frustrating 10

14 Sep

Comments: For some reason I can’t seem to have decent ten mile runs. 😦 The side stiches started at mile 1, even though I was running normal pace. Frustrating!

I wanted to see if I could run 4 miles, drink, Gu, run another 4 miles and drink and Gu again, but my body (or perhaps my mind) wanted nothing to do with that. I ran the first 4 miles with almost no problem, but felt the need to drink (and walk) at mile 6. That helped and I made it to mile 8. By then my legs felt really heavy and had to walk at mile 9.5 for just a short distance to get myself back into order.

Even though this was one of my fastest 10 milers, I feel like I failed. Live and learn, I guess. Next time I plan on running 2.5 miles, drink, run 2.5 miles, gue/drink, rinse and repeat. I am not sure if I’ll go another 13 miles or try to bump it up to 15. We’ll see how I feel by then.

Time: 7 am

Weather: 65 very humid, then windy

Clothes: Old MiT shirt, NB shorts, Fuel Belt

Shoes: Saucony Pro Grid ( 350.9 miles)

Distance: 10

Time: 1:52:13

Split: 11:14

Course: Past Lake Rd. and back.

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