Home Stretch 10 Miler Race

28 Sep

Comment: This was my first solo race where I needed to look up directions on how to get there. I found the place without any problems though. 🙂 (Getting lost is one of my biggest fears)

We could have not asked for better running weather. It was a little cool and no sun. The 20 miler race group went out first. I recognized two people from work and wished them both good luck. 3 minutes later the 20k runners (117 of us) were off.

The first 5 miles I ran an average 10:40 min/mile pace. In some ways I tried to slow down on the other hand I wanted to do really well. The next 5 were a little slower. My slowest mile was # 11 with a 11:40 split (that was one tough mile!). The last mile and change I managed a 10:35 split. I ran with my iPod (book on CD) and it really helped me to have something to listen to during the spectator-less race.

For some reason I am disjointed with the time, thinking that I SHOULD be much closer to a 10 min/mile pace. But then I have to remind myself that I ran the fasted long distance race in my life”. My fastest 13.1 pace was 11:16 and here I ran a 10:52. Funny how the mind works. It gives me something to strive towards, that’s for sure!

Whenever I can I register as an “Athena” (race category of females over 150 lbs). With my 173 lbs I do not feel guilty running in that class. Yesterday I finished 2nd in that category and walked away with a plaque. Woot!

My New Bling

My New Bling

The deck at home is done. The hubby and I worked on it whenever we could over the weekend. I was not too much help on Sunday, but I tried!





Time: 8:30am

Weather: 65, overcast…couldn’t have been better

Clothes: Old MiT Shirt, Adidas shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide (30 miles)

Distance: 20k (12.43 miles)

Run Time: 2:14:59

Split: 10:52

Course: Home Stretch 20k

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