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ST w/TM on the side

Comments:¬†ST w/TM on the side = Strength training and treadmill . I didn’t want a really long title! ūüėČ

I haven’t run on the dreadmill in months. Now I remember why I don’t care for it. lol I feel slow on it.

Time: 10:30 am

Workout: Treadmill

Level: N/A

Time: 20 minutes

Miles: 1.75

Calories: 192

Strength Training:

  • Hanging Stomach Crunches 2 x 20
  • Chest Press 2 x 20 (4 blocks)
  • Tricep Pull Downs 2 x 20 (5 blocks)
  • Stomach Crunches 2 x 20
  • Millitary/Shoulder Press 2 x 20 (2 blocks)
  • Rows 2 x 20 (60 lbs)
  • Side Bends 2 x 20 per side (20 lbs)
  • Hyperextentions¬†2 x 20

I need to incorporate bench pressing again and designate one of my stength days to just that. That is just as difficult for me as it is to designate 2 days a week to doing push ups. *sigh*


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3 Tempo

Comments: I had to take walk breaks! That hasn’t happened it quite a while. Overall this was my 2nd fasted tempo run, so that tells me that even though I walked, I ran it harder than usual.

I don’t enjoy these runs (1/4 mile regular pace, 1/4 mile fast, so on and so on) because they are very taxing, but I do realized how important these runs are to increase my overall running fitness. It makes me admire people though that can run marathons at such a fast pace. I was huffing and puffing trying to keep a steady 8:30 min/mile. It is hard for me to imagine running that pace for 26 miles. Nuts! :o)

I ran with contacts today and it’s amazing how much better I can see things! ūüėČ

Time: 10:30 am

Weather: 45, sunny and windy

Clothes: FFFM Longsleeve Shirt, NB Shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 111.53 miles)

Distance: 3

Run Time: 28:00

Split: 9:20

Course: Under 670 and back.

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Fast 4

Comments: The whole run I felt good, other when I stepped on a rock/big pebble and twisted my right ankle around mile 1.5. I think I recovered fast enough without pulling anything important and was able to put in my full 4.

BUT, I really need to start running with my contacts in. At work I usually wear glasses, just for the convenience of being able to take them off whenever I need to (like when I work on my computer), so when I go downstairs to run I just leave them in my gym bag. *sigh* I did not see the rock/big pebble though and I noticed I am having a hard time recognizing people in the gym, they are all wishy washy! lol So, for the sake of safety I’ll be wearing contacts to work on run days from now on.

It was incredibly cold outside compared to what I am used to. The wind didn’t help matters much, and for the first 1/2 mile my teeth were louder than my feet. At the end of the run though everything felt really good. I like running in cold weather and my time shows it. Hopefully I’ll be able to repeat that performance during the Flying Feather 4 miler on Turkey day next month.

Tempo run tomorrow!

Time: 10:30 am

Weather: 35, cold! and very windy!

Clothes: FFFM Longsleeve Shirt, NB Shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 108.53 miles)

Distance: 4

Run Time: 38:32


Course: To Goodale Park, x 2 and back

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Back to the ole routine

Comments:¬†My game plan was going to be a 3 mile run, but I came unprepared for the cold weather. 40, but feels like 32…yikes! I am adventurous, but I would hate to get sick. So I did my strength training today, including an easy 20 minute warm-up on the elliptical rider.

Time: 10:30 am

Workout: Elliptical

Level: 3

Time: 20 minutes

Miles: 1.91

Calories: 196

Strength Training:

  • Hanging Stomach Crunches 2 x 20
  • Chest Press 2 x 20 (3 blocks)
  • Tricep Pull Downs 2 x 20 (4 blocks)
  • Stomach Crunches 2 x 20
  • Millitary/Shoulder Press 2 x 20 (2 blocks)
  • Rows 2 x 20 (50 lbs)
  • Side Bends 2 x 20 per side (20 lbs)
  • Tricep Bench Dips 2 x 20
  • Push Ups 1 x 10

I am hoping to build on that over the next 6 months. I need to dig out my 100 Pushups schedule and see if I can incorporate it into the workout routine.

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8 at home

Comments: I wanted to get my run in today so it would not ‘hang’ over my head tomorrow. So after spending 3 hours at the Zoo, and an hour in the car, I ran at home. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna go 6 or 8. It just depended on how I felt. Everything was working fine, so 8 it was.

There are some drivers out there that are either blind or just plain ignorant. I mean, I don’t expect them to drive on the other side of the road when they come towards me, but geesh, do give me some running room! Twice during my run I had to seek refuge in the median.

However there was one driver, driving the way I was heading who slowed down and yelled encouraging words to me, and quite a few gave me a friendly handwave (yes, with all fingers extended). I do missed my early morning runs when I had to road to almost myself.

Time: 3:00 pm

Weather: 50s, nice but very windy

Clothes: Marathon Shirt, Izuma Shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 100.53 miles)

Distance: 8

Run Time: 1:24:12


Course: To Cattail and back.

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Recovery 3 (take 2)

Comments: I forgot my Garmin at home…again!

Good run, didn’t feel as tired as the day before.

Time: 11:00 am

Weather: 55, nice and chilly

Clothes: Old MiT Shirt, NB Shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 97.53 miles)

Distance: 3

Run Time: ??

Split: ??

Course: Goodale Park and back.

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TIaRT: Running and Weight

Today’s theme at Runners’ Lounge Take It and Run Thursday is “Running and Weight“.

From 2004 to 2006 I managed to put on 30 lbs, because I had stopped watching what I was eating and working out only half heartily. On January 23rd, 2007 I stepped on the scale weighing a whopping 199 lbs! The last time I went over 200 was when I was pregnant with my 2nd son, back in ’92! Something had to be done. I am 5’9” and should weight 169 lbs or less.

I manged to get my weight down to 174 by November of ’07 by just watching what I was eating and with the help of the Runners’ Lounge Holiday challenge. But, I fell off the wagon *sigh* andcome May ’08 was back up to 188. When the training for my second marathon started I was determined to run it without being considered overweight, meaning I had 6 months to loose 19 lbs. Eventually my goal to run the marathon changed to running the half, but my determination in regards to my weight loss did not waver.

This is what I planned to do for the next 6 months:

  • Don’t buy the junk food in the first place. If it’s not in the house it won’t go in your mouth.
  • Ask your spouse/better half and co-workers for help. I would incorporate “no junk food days” and the hubby and co-workers would check up on me. Accountability is the key.
  • Buy a food log or use an on-line journal. I use AND an Excel spreadsheet to track my food intake, etc.
  • Try one new healthy recipe a week.
  • Be consistent with getting my runs in. It has come to the point where my daily runs have priority over almost anything.
  • Lift weights twice a week. It is amazing how much faster you loose weight if you strength train twice a week for 20 to 30 minutes. Light weight, lots of reps.
  • If at a restaurant go for the healthier meals and ask for lunch portions at dinner time.
  • Don’t beat myself up if I had a bad eating day.

Over the next few months I noticed with the weight loss came faster running times. That really helped me stay focused on my goal and the fun part was that I was adjusting my estimated finish time…in the right direction!

It paid off! Come race day I was down to my goal of 169 and ran the half marathon 45 seconds faster per minute than my previous one!

Now my goal is to reach a healthy, consistent weight of 160 to 165 by May 2nd, my next 1/2 marathon and I believe that if I stick to my guns I will be able to do it.


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Recovery 3

Comments: I forgot my Garmin at home…and I had taken my old Garmin home…oops. Oh well.

The run was good, nothing hurt and I took it slow. I did notice however that later on in the day I felt really tired. Somewhat like someone who had gotten over the flue, and with their first day back at work feeling really sluggish at the end of the day.

Time: 10:30 am

Weather: 41, nice and chilly

Clothes: Old MiT Shirt, Izuma Shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 94.53 miles)

Distance: 3

Run Time: ??

Split: ??

Course: Goodale Park and back.

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Great day for a race!

Comments: We could have not asked for any better weather. Granted it was a bit chilly at the start, but if you are not new to the sport you know what to bring to keep you warm (trash bag or throw away shirt). So all was well.

The first 3 miles were a blur. It took me about 6 minutes to cross the starting line. I tried to run slow and managed an 11 minute mile the first mile. After that I gradually let myself go a bit faster, occasionally pulling on the ranes telling myself you still have the other half to run.

I gued around mile 4.74 at the water stop. And then again at mile 8 something. I realized a bit too late that I didn’t want to GU until mile 9 something, but oh well. At mile 8 I ran into a coworker who had planned to run a 9:40 pace. He had slowed down to use the potty. We chatted for a while and I let him go knowing he was planning on running faster than me. At mile 10 I realed him in, he was slowing down consiterably.

Around mile 8 I started looking for the hubby, but around mile 9 it dawned on me that he was suppose to be at mile 10. Good, because it gave me another mile to look forward to seeing him. And there he was a mile 10, waiting. I rewarded his patience with a kiss and moved on.

My goal was to run up High street, a 2+ mile stretch with 2 inclines, without walking. I did just that. During that stretch I saw the hubby again around mile 12. He asked how it was going and I told him I’d break 2:20!

Going around the corner up Nationwide Blvd was hard, my legs wanted to quit and my body was working overtime. But once I crossed Front street and it was all down hill from there I was running strong passing people left and right.

I had set 3 time goals for myself: 1. Come in under 2:25, 2. under 2:20, and 3. under 2:15. My finish time was 2:17:24. I am very happy about that! I am currently floating on Cloud 9 and I am ready to race my next 1/2. Well, after I stop being sore.

I am happy because:

  • The only time I walked was during water breaks. AND my last mile I ran a 10:14, and part of that was uphill. ūüôā
  • I PRed by 10 minutes and 2 seconds! What will the furture hold?
  • I stepped on the scale this morning and I am officially no longer considered overweight. It’s been a long journey and was rewarded with a great race.
  • My sister in-law, who ran the Detroit marathon today, after 3 years of trying, finally qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Time: 7:30 am

Weather: 40’s, nice and chilly

Clothes: New MiT singlet, Izuma Shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 81.43 miles)

Distance: 13.1

Run Time: 2:17:24

Split: 10:30

Course: Columbus Marathon & Half Marathon


TIaRT: Running Quotes and Sayings

This weeks theme at The Runners’ Lounge is “Running Quotes and Sayings“.

I only have a few that come to mind:

  • “Nothing is impossible!” – it helps me get up the hills and on the home stretches.
  • ¬†

  • “Don’t put an age limit on your dreams!”– I still have so much to achieve, but sometimes feel like I am too old to go for it. When I heard Dara Torres say that on TV I thought “She’s talking to me!” and it’s been my mantra ever since.
  • ¬†

  • “You can do it!!!!!”– I can hear Rob Schneider say that in “Mr. Deeds” or “The Waterboy” (Adam Sandler movies). He is cheering me on…
  • ¬†

  • “Tell me again, why am I doing this?”– That’s the thought that ALWAYS comes to mind¬†in the middle of the race…The answer usually is “Because you can, dumb-ass!”
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