TIaRT: Signs you would love to see while running your race

09 Oct

Today’s theme at the Runner’s Lounge’s Take It and Run Thursday is “Signs you would love to see while running your race.”

My favorite sign is right here:

My, then just tuned 7 year old, daughter Tori made it for me and had her Grandpa hold it up around mile 19 in my first marathon last year. It made me grin from ear to ear and I almost choked up. That was the best sign EVER and it now proudly hangs in the workout room/basement. (If you look closely I finish first and the runners behind me are sad…she truely put some thought into the sign.)

I love seeing signs that are inspirational, even though conventional, such as

          You rock my world!

          You are my hero!

          You are doing it!

          You are running it!

          Run like a Kenyan

I also enjoy reading signs that are funny. I don’t have much of an imagination so I’ll leave that to others. But anything with a little humor is great, it breaks up the run and makes you forget how sore you are at that instance.

Flickr picture by Thomas Hawk.


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2 responses to “TIaRT: Signs you would love to see while running your race

  1. Betsy

    October 9, 2008 at 11:17 am

    What a great sign! I love the picture she drew at the bottom.

  2. Nicholas

    October 9, 2008 at 4:12 pm

    I haven’t had a lot of races, but I’m not sure how I would handle an emotional or heartfelt sign. I’m afraid I would have to bite my tongue or focus on the pain in my legs to keep from crying . . . like when I hear the theme song from “Titanic”

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