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3, 3, 5, and 4

Comments: With the craziness of Christmas and shuffling kids from here to there I have been too busy to post. I have however done as much running as I could. Since the 20th I have run 4 times: 3.1, 3.1, 5, and today I did 4.


My running is not what it was a few months ago, but I am happy that I am out there getting a few miles in here and there. The mileage will be picking up shortly once the training programs gets into the thick of things.


My new found running buddy is having issues with her knee and after resting it for over a week she’s giving in and calling the doctor to get it looked at.


My father in-law is in the hospital again. We still don’t have the results of what kind of Lymphoma his has (the Dr. thinks the tests results are delayed because of the holidays), but while he’s in the hospital (his calcium level is really high) the doctor is putting a port in. This way the FIL is ready to receive the treatment once they know the specifics.


It breaks my heart to hear our 8 year old saying “I worry about Grandma and Grandpa, but I worry about Grandpa more” (the MIL pulled a hamstring yesterday after miss-stepping on some stairs!). I try to be as honest as I can with our daughter, and it really helps to know that the odds of beating Lymphoma are pretty high.


My Running Goal for 2009:


I ran 749 miles in 08. That is quite an improvement over the 500ish miles I ran in ’07, which included my marathon training. I am going to break the 1,000 miles in 2009 and train for a full marathon.


To improve my training and running I plan on eating better starting after New Year. I have been dipping into the cholocate (I just love Dove milk chocolate!!!) and potato chips again and the weight is starting to go back up.


The limiting myself on junk food will be harder for me than running over 1000 miles in ’09.


As they say in Germany “Ich wuensche Euch allen einen guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr!”


I wish you all a good slide into the New Year!


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Did we just do 4?

Comments: The TNT group run was at Sharon Woods today. I’d say about 20 people showed up, which is about the norm. A and I stretched a bit and were off. Going by our time on Wednesday (12:44 min/mile) I would have assumed we’d be doing a 12 min mile or so pace, but after the first mile is was evident that we would be going faster. I kept trying to run just a little behind A, so she could determine the pace. She was like a loaded pistol. We covered the first mile in 10:44. The second mile was a little slower because she needed to tie her shoe. The third and fourth mile put us at an average of 10:59, a much faster pace than 12:44!

The loop was only 3.8 long, but I talked her into finishing out the 4 miles, which she did!

I am enjoying having a running partner and have decided to run the ½ marathon with her instead of trying to PR. I feel the need to enjoy the race more than the desire to finish it “fast”. A mentioned today that all goes well she would like to train for the full marathon in October. Can you say “hooked” lol

Our fundraiser at a bar last night netted us $83.25 each (there were 4 of us). Not bad for 4 hours worth of work and a ton of fun!

The fundraiser at the running store wrapping presents for donation this afternoon netted us $2 each…haha, less than the $4 I made last week; granted though the girls before us made $53 each. I guess it was just bad timing on our part.

With my ‘donut’ money (bringing donuts to work for donations every Wednesday and donating the money for the donuts as well) I am just about ½ way to my obligatory $1500. Wo-hoo!

Time: 8 am

Weather: 26, chilly

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 210.5 miles)

Distance: 4

Mileage y. t. d.: 727.62

Run Time: 43:56

Split: 10:59

Course: Sharon Woods


It hits home!

When I first signed up to run for Team in Training I did it because I thought it would give me a sense of accomplishment when crossing the finish line, knowing that I just tackled 13.1 miles and help raise money for a very worthy cause. I never really thought that it would become very personal for me.

Today, this morning, my father in-law, whom I adore, respect, and admire (I am unable to convey to you with words how much I really like that guy!), was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Here is a man, who has always been on the go, be it hiking the Appalachian trails, going quadding with us, working on things around the house, or horsing around on the floor with his grandkids, now always tired and just not able to do the things he once enjoyed, and not because of age.

The result of the biopsy was just a preliminary one. We do not know what kind of Lymphoma he is tackling, but we are all glad that we now know what is wrong and that a battle plan is in the works to get rid of his cancer. We do know that Lymphoma has a high “cure” rate and we keep that in mind when our thoughts drift.

It is a strange coincidence that I am training with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training this season, but now I am fully able to appreciate them.

I posted this not to solicit money, but rather to use it a bit as an outlet, because I do worry about him very much. Thank you.

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Dreadmill v 3.5

Comments: It was pouring like crazy this morning (I am not complaining, it could have been rain, like in the North) so I hopped on the treadmill instead.

I managed to run 3.5 miles before I got really sick of being there. 3.5 is better than skipping the run all together.

The Lodge Bar fundraiser is tonight, tomorrow is a group run, and also more fund raising by offering wrapping of Christmas presents at the running store. Let’s hope we make more than last week! lol

Time: 10:20 am

Weather: inside (treadmill)

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 207.0 miles)

Distance: 3.5

Mileage y. t. d.: 723.62

Run Time: N/A

Split: N/A

Course: Treadmill

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Running 3 w/A & Great Co-Workers

Comments: My running buddy A and I headed out this morning for a nice run. We are trying to get together once a week to get some of the mileage under our belts. It was great having someone to chat with.

She ran the whole 3 miles without stopping. Very impressive. The pace was good, she was able to hold a conversation and run at the same time.

Great Co-Workers: The guys I work for/with got together and gave me a $100 gift certificate to the local running store…now how sweet is that? Mamma needs a new pair of pants, and that gift certificate sure will come in handy.

Time: 10:20 am

Weather: 50, raining

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 203.9 miles)

Distance: 3.1

Mileage y. t. d.: 726.12

Run Time: 39:26

Split: 12:44

Course: To Goodale Park and back.

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Aching 3

Comments: Checked my Garmin last night after charging it again. It was staying on, battery was charged, and it was good to go. So, as I step out of the building at work to go running I realized I left that puppy in the gym bag. It is a hassle to go back in the building (through the front lobby, etc), so I decided that going for another run without it won’t hurt anything!

I planned on going 4, but soon realized that 3 will have to do. We went quadding yesterday for over 2 hours and my hole body is sore, including my legs. My calve muscles were really sore and ached for the first mile, even after stretching them.

It was a slow going three, with a few walk breaks in between, not because I had to catch my breath, but simply because my legs just didn’t want to run anymore. 😦 I got back to work and stretched for a while. It felt good, but yet they are still aching just sitting here at my computer.

Time: 10:20 am

Weather: 50, raining

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 200.9 miles)

Distance: 3

Mileage y. t. d.: 723.32

Run Time: N/A

Split: N/A

Course: To Goodale Park and back.

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Just 6

Comments: This Garmin, thing, I just don’t know…I strapped it around my wrist turned it on and it turned back off…well! So I took a cheap stopwatch with me…back to the basics I guess. I stuck the Garmin on the charger again, hopefully it will charge right the next time.

I decided on 6 miles. The hubby had errants to run so I needed to be back quickly. The nice thing with running 6 is that I don’t need to carry a fuel belt. It feels so much natural to run like that.

The run was good. Even though it was VERY cold outside. 15 degrees; I dressed in layers and I was quite comfortable.

I attended a fundraiser for 2 hours after the run, wrapping presents for people at a running store in Columbus. The TNT group set up the volunteers by twos and at the end of the hour we were to split the money we made via donations. Well, the first hour netted me $1 and the second $3 dollars, but I met some very nice ladies each hour that I got paired with, so it was not a total loss. As a matter of fact I am going to try my luck again next week for two hours, hopefully some desperate husbands will be making some purchases that they will need wrapped as well.

Time: 8 am

Weather: 15 brrrr

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 194.9 miles)

Distance: 6

Mileage y. t. d.: 720.32

Run Time: 1:03:19

Split: 10:34

Course: To New Salem and back

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Good feelin’ 4

Comments: Well, once again I forgot my Garmin…lol But then that’s not what it is all about, right? I had a really good, strong feeling run today. It was could, but that’s nothing new nowadays.

I  got side stitches again after a ½ mile (left side) and then again 1 and a half mile in (right side). They are like unwelcomed in-laws, they come when they want to and leave when they are good and ready, but never anytime soon. If this keeps up I’ll have to come up with names for the two sides.

Aside from the sitches, this was one of the better feeling runs I have had in a while. Tomorrow I’ll be running 6 or 8 (depending on how I feel) and in the afternoon I’ll be going to Frontrunner for 2 hours to wrap purchases/gifts for donations. Hopefully I’ll make enough to cover the cost of the wrapping paper, etc.! haha

After the run today I immediately went to the potluck our floor was having and ate pretty good until I eyed the 7-layer Chocolate cake…OMG!!! Yep, I had a nice slice. Yep, it was good! That’s why I run, right, to have goodies like that without feeling too guilty.

Time: 11 am

Weather: 30’s, overcast, occasional snow flurries

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 190.9 miles)

Distance: 4

Mileage y. t. d.: 714.32

Run Time: No Garmin

Split: N/A

Course: To Goodale Park, x 2 and back


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3 among friends

Comments: Met up with A and E, both Team in Training runners, in the gym at work. A has just started running, E on the other hand has done a mini triathalon before.

We walked a little bit and then started running. It was slow, granted, but it was nice chatting with them. We ran out a mile and turned around. I was expecting A stop after that but she kept right on trucking. I tried giving her some encouraging words, but I am not really good that that. At about mile 1.75 she notacibly slowed down, but did not walk. I was clearly impressed with the running progress she has made over the last month.

They headed back towards work and I put another mile in just because I felt good.

It was nice running with people and I am hoping with can make that a weekly thing.

Time: 12 pm

Weather: 30s, over cast

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 187.7 miles)

Distance: (about) 3.2

Run Time: Garmin battery died

Split: N/A

Course: To Mile Marker 1 and back, plus loop around COSI.

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Snow Covered 4

Comments: The first mile to the park was cleared of snow. Only in a few places was there some snow/ice left on the sidewalks. But, the loop around the park was another story. Oh, the exercise my ankles got this morning had to be the most they have gotten in a long time. But, to make a long story short, I did not trip nor fall the 2 miles I covered on snow. I win! 😉

I got side stitches again, this time about ½ mile in on the left side, then another ½ mile later it switched to the right side. I tried to concentrate on my breathing pattern, but my brain was much more turned into the music from John Mayer then paying attention to my body. Another 1/2 mile or so the side stiches became much better.

At the end of the run I was feeling really good and I am glad I went outside even though it was pretty cold out.

Time: 11 am

Weather: 26, over cast

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 183.7 miles)

Distance: 4

Run Time: 40:50

Split: 10:13

Course: To Goodale Park, x 2 and back.

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