3 among friends

10 Dec

Comments: Met up with A and E, both Team in Training runners, in the gym at work. A has just started running, E on the other hand has done a mini triathalon before.

We walked a little bit and then started running. It was slow, granted, but it was nice chatting with them. We ran out a mile and turned around. I was expecting A stop after that but she kept right on trucking. I tried giving her some encouraging words, but I am not really good that that. At about mile 1.75 she notacibly slowed down, but did not walk. I was clearly impressed with the running progress she has made over the last month.

They headed back towards work and I put another mile in just because I felt good.

It was nice running with people and I am hoping with can make that a weekly thing.

Time: 12 pm

Weather: 30s, over cast

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 187.7 miles)

Distance: (about) 3.2

Run Time: Garmin battery died

Split: N/A

Course: To Mile Marker 1 and back, plus loop around COSI.

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