Just 6

14 Dec

Comments: This Garmin, thing, I just don’t know…I strapped it around my wrist turned it on and it turned back off…well! So I took a cheap stopwatch with me…back to the basics I guess. I stuck the Garmin on the charger again, hopefully it will charge right the next time.

I decided on 6 miles. The hubby had errants to run so I needed to be back quickly. The nice thing with running 6 is that I don’t need to carry a fuel belt. It feels so much natural to run like that.

The run was good. Even though it was VERY cold outside. 15 degrees; I dressed in layers and I was quite comfortable.

I attended a fundraiser for 2 hours after the run, wrapping presents for people at a running store in Columbus. The TNT group set up the volunteers by twos and at the end of the hour we were to split the money we made via donations. Well, the first hour netted me $1 and the second $3 dollars, but I met some very nice ladies each hour that I got paired with, so it was not a total loss. As a matter of fact I am going to try my luck again next week for two hours, hopefully some desperate husbands will be making some purchases that they will need wrapped as well.

Time: 8 am

Weather: 15 brrrr

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 194.9 miles)

Distance: 6

Mileage y. t. d.: 720.32

Run Time: 1:03:19

Split: 10:34

Course: To New Salem and back

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