Running 3 w/A & Great Co-Workers

18 Dec

Comments: My running buddy A and I headed out this morning for a nice run. We are trying to get together once a week to get some of the mileage under our belts. It was great having someone to chat with.

She ran the whole 3 miles without stopping. Very impressive. The pace was good, she was able to hold a conversation and run at the same time.

Great Co-Workers: The guys I work for/with got together and gave me a $100 gift certificate to the local running store…now how sweet is that? Mamma needs a new pair of pants, and that gift certificate sure will come in handy.

Time: 10:20 am

Weather: 50, raining

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 203.9 miles)

Distance: 3.1

Mileage y. t. d.: 726.12

Run Time: 39:26

Split: 12:44

Course: To Goodale Park and back.

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