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Chilly 8

Wohoo…I managed to run 6 days this week, I think that’s an all time record for me. What’s nice is that my body does not feel beat up! The 8 today were easier than I thought they would be. But I did them fairly slow (11 min/mile pace), however, I am happy that I was able to do it, no matter what speed.

It was cold outside though and that being cold feeling never really left me. At mile 6 I was glad that I only had 2 miles to go; everything was cold. The strange thing is though I have run in -1 degree weather and haven’t felt that cold. The hubby even agreed today was a “omg it’s cold outside day”.

To update everyone on my 1000 miles in 2009…I am almost 50 miles in, currently sporting a 2.8 miles per day average to 1k miles. OMG only 340 days left! *chuckle*


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3.1 plus 4

Yesterday was almost like spring time. It was 37 degrees out…that was so nice compared to the -1 I ran in on Wednesday (I think).

Today was a TNT group run. My running buddy wasn’t able to go, so I ended up running with one of the coaches. I know him from work, so we had a few things to talk about. I don’t think I would have gone as fast as I did if it wouldn’t have been for him. Dangit, why am I so competitive? And now I sit here thinking “Maybe I shouldn’t run 6 to 8 tomorrow, because my legs are tired.” lol. I ran 5 days this week, I would like to make it 6.

We stopped by my father in law’s today. He looked good, except he was sporting no hair. It has started to fall out, so he shaved the rest (not that there was much to shave anyway, but it did look different, actually he looked younger!). Intersting to see your FIL without eyebrows! lol Hopefully his blood count is high enough for him to receive his second Chemo treatment on Monday.


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3.1 again

It was colder than yesterday and misery loves company. My running buddy and I went out around 10am. We had the proper clothing on, so all went well. Parts of the sidewalks are still snowed over, but we are becoming pros at not twisting our ankles. With a windchill factor of -1 it was a bit chilly, but you know, when you think about what you are running for it  makes you shut up and not complain.


My FIL wasn’t able to receive his second dose of Chemo on Monday because his blood count was too low. He’s had some really rough days last week, but was doing better towards the end. Hopefully that will continue for him.
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A quick “thank you” and 3.1

I could feel today that I didn’t stretch very well after yesterday’s run. Everything felt tight. I made a point to stretch after today’s run. Did 3.1 on sometimes snow packed sidewalks; what a challenge for the ankles! It was just about as cold today as yesterday.

The “thank you” goes out to KSpin, a very down to earth, honest, from the heart bloggin buddy that made a few aprons for her blog followers that agreed to do something nice for someone else. Now I really have to start thinking about this! I also love the card. I sure wish I was creative like that!

I had the hubby take a picture, of course I don’t look nearly as nice as JSpin *snicker* and not as petite as KSpin, but I really love the apron. The hubby wrote the “thank you” note. His way of saying “thank you for putting a smile on her face” 🙂


Again “thank you; I love it and look forward to doing something nice for someone else.


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4 in the cold

I didn’t make it out over the weekend. I could use the weather as an excuse…it’s too cold, it’s too slippery, it’s snowing; the list goes on and on. But to be honest, I just didn’t feel like running.

I ran 4 today and let me tell you my lungs did not appreciate the first mile. They kept saying “go home, we want to be warmer, this air is too cold”, but like so many times I just ignored those voices and trekked on.

The run was nice and I am glad I went out even though it was only 11 degrees with a wind chill of 5. I enjoyed the run and I am hoping I will be able to run 3 tomorrow at lunch time with my running buddy.

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Not so fun, but then again, Yes it is.

Yesterday’s 4 miler was not fun. The sleet into the face for the first mile was very discouraging, but the feeling after getting the run on the books made it worth it. The sidewalks were a challenge at times, but I took it slow.


Today: It’s been snowing since 9:30am this morning and still hasn’t let off. Around 11:30 my running buddy, who also works were I work, trekked out. With the wind chill factor it was 1 degree out. But for some reason neither the cold air, nor the falling snow stopped either one of us. We decided to just take it slow and have fun. I think it was one of the funnest (is there such a word?) runs for me in a long time. We decided to take her cell phone along and take pictures of our endeavors.


It looks really pretty out with all that snow and the run was tons of fun, but I am not looking forward to the commute home this evening!


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Still Running Ragged

I managed a 5 miler, 4 miler, some elliptial and bike workout, another 4 miler, and a 7 miler since posting last, so I am still running. It just seems right now I don’t have the time to post. Perhaps now, after the holidays things slowly will get back into the normal grove.

In order to keep up with my “1k in 2009” I will need to increase my mileage a bit. I need to run just under 3 miles every day to keep that goal, but with the long runs on the weekend I could take a day off during the week. This will be interesting.

The eating goal is not going well, but a friend just ‘recruited’ me to a weightloss team, so last night instead of diving into the bag of potatoe chips I grabbed bottles of water instead. One day at a time!

My father in law was finally diagnosed! He has Hodgkins Lymphoma. We were told that’s the best kind to have. He started Chemo last Monday. He has good days and bad. We can only hope that it will destroy the cancer and give us back the man he used to be. I would love for him to be around when his youngest grandchild (our daughter) graduates High School in (hopefully) 10 years. That’s my selfish little secret. 🙂

I have raised $969 out of the $1,500.  Getting there!

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