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Little here and there

After the 6 miles on the 15th I did not run for almost a week. The cold that I had gotten kicked my butt and there was no desire to run.

On the 20th we bought the treadmill and even though I wasn’t feeling too well I managed 3 on the 21st and 4 on the 22nd. I took the 23rd off to give my still recovering body a rest.

On Tuesday I ran 3, and yesterday 4. I am not very fast on the treadmill. Actually my pace is much slower then my outside pace, but I am working on that. I think it is because I am intimidated by the fact that I have to go the speed of the treadmill, and can’t just slow down or walk without having to hit a few buttons first. Like I said, I am working on that.

I am still not 100% and actually think I have a sinus infection, but just haven’t taken the time to schlepp to the doctor. Next week! lol

It is great though just to be able to go downstairs whenever I want to and put my mileage in and not have to worry about the weather.

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Still not well

The 3 mile run didn’t happen. I have been draggin’ myself around since Tuesday now. Yesterday, at the car dealership (we bought the hubby a newer truck) he said “boy, you really don’t look like you are feeling good”. Yep, the semi that hit me came back for 2nds. If this throat and overall tiredness situation is not any better by Monday I am going to call the doctor and see what he says.

None the less I am hoping that I can my 7 miler in tomorrow.

We didn’t just buy the hubby a truck yesterday, but also bought a treadmill and stationary bike. Yep, we did our share to help out get the economy going! The hubby was excited to be carrying something in his new truck. 🙂

Our His new toy:

2006 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport

2006 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport

Our My new toys: (we’ll have to do some moving around of equipment so it’s less crowed.)

His and hers?

His and hers?

Our 16 year old cat, Susie had to check out the new treamill!

"Yep, looks good!"

"Yep, looks good!"


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6 and a cold

I ran 6 miles on 2/15/09, which felt really great. I ran the second 3 miles 2 minutes faster than the first 3! A lot of people crossed my mind during this run….from my father in law, to people at work, to online running buddies. All of those carried me through those 6 miles with ease. I am very blessed to be surrounded by such inspiring individuals!

The fundraiser on Saturday was a flop…we sold ONE 50/50 raffle ticket. We ended up giving the guy who had bought it a Valentines teddy bear instead. We did manage to sell quite a few teddy bears after we dropped the price from $10 to $5. Overall we got $96 (divide by 3) in donations, and made $100 each by selling bears, which we had also been selling them at work over the least two weeks.

On Tuesday my throat started getting sore and I have this dry cough, which is still with me. Yesterday I felt like I got hit by a truck. Today I feel better, but still not 100%, more like 70%. On a good note, my stomach is getting a bit better…wo-hoo! I am hoping that tomorrow I’ll be able to do an easy 3 miles followed up by my long run (7 miles) on Saturday.

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4 and a 1/4 mile side trip

Well, I ran in shorts today, which was, how do I say, a bit under dressed (40 degrees and very strong winds)…at least at the beginning. Once my leg became numb is was no longer an issue and I actually felt pretty good. It helped that I was wearing a jacket over my short sleeve shirt.

About a mile into the run my stomach ‘flopped’ on me and the urge to use the bathroom became great. This doesn’t happen to me too often, so I thought that I could stick it out and just run three instead of four. At 1.5 miles however it became urgent and I made my way towards Giant Eagle.

Upon leaving Giant Eagle I felt so much better and was able to finish my full four mile run with a 1/4 mile bonus at a 10:24 pace. That was a nice surprise because I had to walk a lot prior to my side trip.

I am hoping that my stomach will settle down by tomorrow. Annaliesa and I are running 4.

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4 in shorts

The weather…oh my…in the 50’s…shorts weather…wohoo!

Annaliesa and I, with Ettore hanging around for a while and at the end did 4 today. Annaliesa forgot her kneebrace, but managed to run all 4 strong.

I enjoyed the company. Ettore ran with us for the first and last mile. It was great to run in a group.  Because of Ettore we ran a little faster than we would have, but we are ok with that. An occasional push like that is great.

My stomach issues have returned. So far they have not interferred with my running, but I am not sure what the road will be like ahead.

I called a new gastraologist, one recommended by my primary physician, and I hope this one won’t have the personality of a doorknob and then move his practice after the first visit. lol Unfortunatly this appointment is not until the end of March.

Perhaps with the right diet I can get this under control again.

We are having dinner with my FIL tonight. I am curious to find out if he had Chemo yesterday. I sure hope he did and that he feels alright today.

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5 and 6

Ran with Annaliesa on Saturday morning at Sharon Woods. Part of the run was a challenge, there was quite a bit of ice still on the trail. We managed the 3.8 mile loop without having to carry the other one back and tacked on another 1.2, to make it 5.

We had a good time and many laughs as we were manuvering our way over the frozen path.

Sunday: 10? No, 8? Nah…6. I had the intentions on running 10 on Sunday, but then decided that it might be better for my body if I ran only 8. Why? Come Sunday morning I still had a ton of homework for my classes to do and knew that if I ran 8 I would be not much good the rest of the day…so 6 it was.

It was a good 6, slow, but I got it done. Ended up with a blister on top of my right ‘index’ toe. On top??? Hmmm, that’s a first. Today marked my first run in months without a jacket…is spring on its way?

We had dinner with my FIL on Saturday evening. He was in rare form, almost like his good ole self. Even drove him an my MIL there. Seeing him like that was like finding the golden wrapper. He was actually so full of it that we joked that he needed his Chemo (which he’s suppose to get on Monday) to knock him down a couple notches.

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Strong 4

It was not nearly as cold outside today as yesterday. 8 degrees and sunny.

The run was good and solid; I felt strong and the end time showed it. I hadn’t run that fast since the beginning of January. Perhaps less is better. Who knows.

We had our TNT event at work today. It looks like it all went really well. We made a ton of money in the morning and perhaps 1/2 that much in the afternoon.

FIL update: If his blood count is good (which he’s having done tomorrow) he’ll be receiving his 3rd round of chemo next Monday *crossing fingers*

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Lights, camera, action…

After almost taking a week of from running (weather related, and no desire to be out in the cold) I finally went out on Monday. I did 3 and they felt good. My body was telling me it was time to go run!

Our employer has taken up our cause! Wo-hoo! We are having 2 lobby events (mind you we have about 2000 people working in our building) coming up. They decided to tape us running and walking on the treadmill and then show that on the big screen in the lobby during our lobby events. The goal of the taping was to have about 5 minutes worth of footage of all of us.

Even though there are 11 AEP employees in the Columbus area participating, only 6 made it to the taping. It worked out well though. We have 3 treadmills in the Wellness Center and three  runners and three walkers. The walkers were up first. They ended up walking over 1/2 hour…my goodness!

Next were the three runners. Knowing how long it took the walkers to be taped, we all took it slow running! How quickly times flies when you are having fun, but the last 10 minutes of the run went rather slow. lol There was no walking or slowing down, no slouching or any other form of making it an easier run. You had to look good 30 minutes straight…*sigh*. But we all managed and were very glad when that was over. I am sooo curious to see what footage they will use.

I ran 5.6 miles that day and was pretty sore the next! lol

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