Lights, camera, action…

04 Feb

After almost taking a week of from running (weather related, and no desire to be out in the cold) I finally went out on Monday. I did 3 and they felt good. My body was telling me it was time to go run!

Our employer has taken up our cause! Wo-hoo! We are having 2 lobby events (mind you we have about 2000 people working in our building) coming up. They decided to tape us running and walking on the treadmill and then show that on the big screen in the lobby during our lobby events. The goal of the taping was to have about 5 minutes worth of footage of all of us.

Even though there are 11 AEP employees in the Columbus area participating, only 6 made it to the taping. It worked out well though. We have 3 treadmills in the Wellness Center and three  runners and three walkers. The walkers were up first. They ended up walking over 1/2 hour…my goodness!

Next were the three runners. Knowing how long it took the walkers to be taped, we all took it slow running! How quickly times flies when you are having fun, but the last 10 minutes of the run went rather slow. lol There was no walking or slowing down, no slouching or any other form of making it an easier run. You had to look good 30 minutes straight…*sigh*. But we all managed and were very glad when that was over. I am sooo curious to see what footage they will use.

I ran 5.6 miles that day and was pretty sore the next! lol

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