5 and 6

08 Feb

Ran with Annaliesa on Saturday morning at Sharon Woods. Part of the run was a challenge, there was quite a bit of ice still on the trail. We managed the 3.8 mile loop without having to carry the other one back and tacked on another 1.2, to make it 5.

We had a good time and many laughs as we were manuvering our way over the frozen path.

Sunday: 10? No, 8? Nah…6. I had the intentions on running 10 on Sunday, but then decided that it might be better for my body if I ran only 8. Why? Come Sunday morning I still had a ton of homework for my classes to do and knew that if I ran 8 I would be not much good the rest of the day…so 6 it was.

It was a good 6, slow, but I got it done. Ended up with a blister on top of my right ‘index’ toe. On top??? Hmmm, that’s a first. Today marked my first run in months without a jacket…is spring on its way?

We had dinner with my FIL on Saturday evening. He was in rare form, almost like his good ole self. Even drove him an my MIL there. Seeing him like that was like finding the golden wrapper. He was actually so full of it that we joked that he needed his Chemo (which he’s suppose to get on Monday) to knock him down a couple notches.

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