4 in shorts

10 Feb

The weather…oh my…in the 50’s…shorts weather…wohoo!

Annaliesa and I, with Ettore hanging around for a while and at the end did 4 today. Annaliesa forgot her kneebrace, but managed to run all 4 strong.

I enjoyed the company. Ettore ran with us for the first and last mile. It was great to run in a group.  Because of Ettore we ran a little faster than we would have, but we are ok with that. An occasional push like that is great.

My stomach issues have returned. So far they have not interferred with my running, but I am not sure what the road will be like ahead.

I called a new gastraologist, one recommended by my primary physician, and I hope this one won’t have the personality of a doorknob and then move his practice after the first visit. lol Unfortunatly this appointment is not until the end of March.

Perhaps with the right diet I can get this under control again.

We are having dinner with my FIL tonight. I am curious to find out if he had Chemo yesterday. I sure hope he did and that he feels alright today.

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  1. kspin

    February 11, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    You’re getting warm weather, and all of the cold is here! I think we were only 50 yesterday as well, but it felt cold to me!

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