4 and a 1/4 mile side trip

12 Feb

Well, I ran in shorts today, which was, how do I say, a bit under dressed (40 degrees and very strong winds)…at least at the beginning. Once my leg became numb is was no longer an issue and I actually felt pretty good. It helped that I was wearing a jacket over my short sleeve shirt.

About a mile into the run my stomach ‘flopped’ on me and the urge to use the bathroom became great. This doesn’t happen to me too often, so I thought that I could stick it out and just run three instead of four. At 1.5 miles however it became urgent and I made my way towards Giant Eagle.

Upon leaving Giant Eagle I felt so much better and was able to finish my full four mile run with a 1/4 mile bonus at a 10:24 pace. That was a nice surprise because I had to walk a lot prior to my side trip.

I am hoping that my stomach will settle down by tomorrow. Annaliesa and I are running 4.

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