6 and a cold

19 Feb

I ran 6 miles on 2/15/09, which felt really great. I ran the second 3 miles 2 minutes faster than the first 3! A lot of people crossed my mind during this run….from my father in law, to people at work, to online running buddies. All of those carried me through those 6 miles with ease. I am very blessed to be surrounded by such inspiring individuals!

The fundraiser on Saturday was a flop…we sold ONE 50/50 raffle ticket. We ended up giving the guy who had bought it a Valentines teddy bear instead. We did manage to sell quite a few teddy bears after we dropped the price from $10 to $5. Overall we got $96 (divide by 3) in donations, and made $100 each by selling bears, which we had also been selling them at work over the least two weeks.

On Tuesday my throat started getting sore and I have this dry cough, which is still with me. Yesterday I felt like I got hit by a truck. Today I feel better, but still not 100%, more like 70%. On a good note, my stomach is getting a bit better…wo-hoo! I am hoping that tomorrow I’ll be able to do an easy 3 miles followed up by my long run (7 miles) on Saturday.

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