Still not well

21 Feb

The 3 mile run didn’t happen. I have been draggin’ myself around since Tuesday now. Yesterday, at the car dealership (we bought the hubby a newer truck) he said “boy, you really don’t look like you are feeling good”. Yep, the semi that hit me came back for 2nds. If this throat and overall tiredness situation is not any better by Monday I am going to call the doctor and see what he says.

None the less I am hoping that I can my 7 miler in tomorrow.

We didn’t just buy the hubby a truck yesterday, but also bought a treadmill and stationary bike. Yep, we did our share to help out get the economy going! The hubby was excited to be carrying something in his new truck. šŸ™‚

Our His new toy:

2006 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport

2006 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport

Our My new toys: (we’ll have to do some moving around of equipment so it’s less crowed.)

His and hers?

His and hers?

Our 16 year old cat, Susie had to check out the new treamill!

"Yep, looks good!"

"Yep, looks good!"


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3 responses to “Still not well

  1. kspin

    February 23, 2009 at 12:17 pm

    Fun toys! Too bad you’re not feeling like using them right now… make sure you are taking a nap and upping the vitamin intake on your long run days. I’ve had to learn that one the hard way, but when I was good about doing those two things I rarely got sick. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. micha

    March 12, 2009 at 10:08 am

    Are we still getting together this weekend? Brandon is still sick, but my cold is almost gone. :]

  3. Running Ragged

    March 12, 2009 at 10:19 am

    No, we are postponing until next weekend. We are worried about getting Roger sick.

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