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6 + 9 + 3

The 6 I did at home on the treadmill (the original plan was to go 3, but I have this co-worker that’s training for the 1/2 as well, and HE was running 6 that evening! lol). It wasn’t easy, because I had nothing good to watch. Well, what I wanted to watch didn’t work out (on my iPhone). Eventually I found something, and the last 2 miles weren’t too bad. It just takes me 4 good miles to warm up and get into the groove of things.

My longest run so far this year is now 9 miles. It was a good run. A bit slower than I had hoped, but I was tickled pink that I was wearing the right type of clothes for that day. It is such a gamble at this time of year. I was tired at the end, but not dead. I tried rollerskating later on in the day, but my legs felt pretty wobbly. lol

The 3 miler was again on the dreadmill. I was gonna go 4 (maybe), but at 2.5 I had to go to the bathroom pretty bad. I knew that once I got of the treadmill I would not return back on it, so I struck it out for the full 3 and called it a day.


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3 miles – intervals

My intervals are for the birds right now, at least that’s what I have come to realize today. SLOW! It will get better, I know it. Or so I tell myself.

It was a great day out to run and I enjoyed the sunshine and cooler air. Shorts weather…yay! (I did wear gloves; I have such sentative hands)

I need to get new running shoes and that will require me to look on the calendar to figure out when I have time to do that. Hopefully sometime next week. During my run I am starting to get shin splints, I blame that on the worn out shoes (over 300 miles).

Tomorrow I am going to try to run 6, but it will have to be on the treadmill. We (The AEP Team in Training group) are going at lunch to Children’s Hospital to drop off bears that have been donated to the children by co-workers during our fundraising event. I am sure it will be educating, but also heart wrenching.

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3.1 and a long 8

I don’t remember much of the 3.1, because it’s been a few days, but the 8 is still fresh.

The first half mile as good, which surprised me, because usually I am struggling until I get warm. The next 2 miles where not fun. First I started with shin splint pain in my right leg. Well…that’s something new.

That started to go away after mile one, but in the mean time I developed side stiches.  At mile 1.5 I was having a not so nice conversation with the powers that be, but something told me to just shut up and suck up.

After all, I am able to go out there and run. I should be able to handle some discomfort. That’s nothing compared to what some people have to go through. So I grit my teeth and continued, and eventually the run did become more fun.

I loved mile 3 to 4 and 5 to 6. They are both downhill, and I feel very strong during those miles.

I ran a negative split. I am not sure by how much, but I am pretty sure by a minute at least. That’s always good.

Overall it was a slow run, but I am sure that next week I’ll be faster and stronger. 🙂

I want to take the time and thank everyone for their donations. Some of the notes I have gotten with the donations have touched mine and Roger’s heart. Thank you sooo much!

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Pretty Duck

Following is a conversation the hubby and I had after seeing a runner moving gracefully down the road.

Hubby: Look, there goes a runner.
Me: I wish I was that graceful.
Hubby: What do you mean?
Me: I don’t run like that. I run like a duck out of water.
Hubby: Yeah, but you are a pretty duck!
Me: Quack!

Awww! Suportive, isn’t he!


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Some lifting and 4

I rode the elliptical rider for 20 minutes on Monday and then lifted some weights…upper body. I am pretty sore today even though I didn’t really push it.

The weatherforcast was 71 degrees and raining. When I stepped ouside, in shorts and t-shirt it was 49 and overcast. At first I thought it would be too cold, but turns out it was actually really nice. My hands were a bit chilled, but it was not bad.

I planned on doing 3, but felt good and did another loop. I think running on the treadmill is helping me keep my pace.  I did have a few walking breaks, but my overall pace was 10:35, which I am happy with, considering I have not run outside in almost 2 weeks. I need to have a sub 10:30 pace to beat my 1/2 marathon PR…I think that’s possible. Starting next week I plan on incorporating interval training again.

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4 plus 7

I ran 4 on Thursday (3/5/09) on the treadmill.

The 7 miler long run I planned on doing outside. But it appears that I am no longer immune to rain (haha) 😉 and decided that I should run the 7 on the treadmill instead of taking the chance to melt in the intermittened rain we had going on outside. I popped in “The Transformer” DVD and off I went. The mileage went surprisingly fast.

I am working on increasing my incline (because the world is not flat), eventually I would like to run consistently at 3% at least. The 7 miler was run at a 2% incline, which is up .5 from my previous runs. It didn’t seem to bother me too bad.

Update on my FIL: He had a setback two weeks ago. He was loosing weight and simply not feeling well for a week and a half straight. So the doctor decided to do a CAT scan to see if the treatment was working. If that was the case he would lessen the aggressiveness of the treatment and move the chemo from every two weeks to every three.

The treatment is working so far!!!! The doctor was pleased and now Roger goes every three weeks, to give his body time to recover between each chemo treatment. Right now however he’s suffering from a cold, which he thinks turned into a sinus infections. 😦

Correction: My FIL is still receiving chemo every two weeks.

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5k and 6

I ran 3.1 on the treadmill on Friday, took the day off on Saturday and ran 6 outside on Sunday.

The hubby peddled beside me on Friday. We watched a movie while we worked out. That was kind of nice having him there. I am hoping to be able to drag him down there with me twice a week! 🙂

On Sunday I was going to run with the group, but got a text from my friend Annaliesa just as I was heading out saying she couldn’t make it, so I decided to save 2 hours of driving time and just run at home.

The first 3 miles were into the wind. Urgh! That’s not fun. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that I would have that wind in my back on the return route. The run was not nearly as much fun nor as fast as the one two weeks ago. However, I am glad I got it done. 🙂


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