4 plus 7

08 Mar

I ran 4 on Thursday (3/5/09) on the treadmill.

The 7 miler long run I planned on doing outside. But it appears that I am no longer immune to rain (haha) πŸ˜‰ and decided that I should run the 7 on the treadmill instead of taking the chance to melt in the intermittened rain we had going on outside. I popped in “The Transformer” DVD and off I went. The mileage went surprisingly fast.

I am working on increasing my incline (because the world is not flat), eventually I would like to run consistently at 3% at least. The 7 miler was run at a 2% incline, which is up .5 from my previous runs. It didn’t seem to bother me too bad.

Update on my FIL: He had a setback two weeks ago. He was loosing weight and simply not feeling well for a week and a half straight. So the doctor decided to do a CAT scan to see if the treatment was working. If that was the case he would lessen the aggressiveness of the treatment and move the chemo from every two weeks to every three.

The treatment is working so far!!!! The doctor was pleased and now Roger goes every three weeks, to give his body time to recover between each chemo treatment. Right now however he’s suffering from a cold, which he thinks turned into a sinus infections. 😦

Correction: My FIL is still receiving chemo every two weeks.

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