3 miles – intervals

18 Mar

My intervals are for the birds right now, at least that’s what I have come to realize today. SLOW! It will get better, I know it. Or so I tell myself.

It was a great day out to run and I enjoyed the sunshine and cooler air. Shorts weather…yay! (I did wear gloves; I have such sentative hands)

I need to get new running shoes and that will require me to look on the calendar to figure out when I have time to do that. Hopefully sometime next week. During my run I am starting to get shin splints, I blame that on the worn out shoes (over 300 miles).

Tomorrow I am going to try to run 6, but it will have to be on the treadmill. We (The AEP Team in Training group) are going at lunch to Children’s Hospital to drop off bears that have been donated to the children by co-workers during our fundraising event. I am sure it will be educating, but also heart wrenching.

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