6 + 9 + 3

24 Mar

The 6 I did at home on the treadmill (the original plan was to go 3, but I have this co-worker that’s training for the 1/2 as well, and HE was running 6 that evening! lol). It wasn’t easy, because I had nothing good to watch. Well, what I wanted to watch didn’t work out (on my iPhone). Eventually I found something, and the last 2 miles weren’t too bad. It just takes me 4 good miles to warm up and get into the groove of things.

My longest run so far this year is now 9 miles. It was a good run. A bit slower than I had hoped, but I was tickled pink that I was wearing the right type of clothes for that day. It is such a gamble at this time of year. I was tired at the end, but not dead. I tried rollerskating later on in the day, but my legs felt pretty wobbly. lol

The 3 miler was again on the dreadmill. I was gonna go 4 (maybe), but at 2.5 I had to go to the bathroom pretty bad. I knew that once I got of the treadmill I would not return back on it, so I struck it out for the full 3 and called it a day.


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2 responses to “6 + 9 + 3

  1. Nonrunner Nancy

    March 26, 2009 at 1:36 am

    Sounds fantastic! Great job.

  2. kara

    March 29, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    It takes me about 20 minutes to warm-up! Not great for 5K races ; )
    Love 9 milers!

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